Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G

Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G
Incompatible with providers of United Kingdom
Indoor coverage: 5400 ft²
2 BandCalls/GSM 4G/LTE 3G
Mobile Network Signal Booster for Home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G
151   77   597
4.9 ( 120 )
  • LCD-500C-3G-4G dual band booster,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual.
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LCD-500C+3G+4G Overview

LCD-500C+3G+4G is a new Nikrans mobile network signal booster for home with LCD screen for effective mobile signal amplification.

Coverage area

This lcd dualband booster suits for medium-sized and large areas up to 500 m² (5700 ft²).

Signal types supported

It’s a dualband model that functions at two frequencies at a time – 850 and 1900 MHz. These frequencies are compatible with mobile providers in the USA and all countries of the South America. LCD-500C+3G+4G amplifies both cellular signals for calls and mobile 4G/3G internet depending on which frequency band your provider uses for each type of mobile connection.

Benefits and features

This Nikrans dualband booster is a reliable way to improve your voice and 4G/3G data due to the following characteristics:

  • Auto signal and gain control. Inbuilt software in the booster adjusts signal amplification power corresponding to the incoming signal strength.
  • Energy saving. The lcd booster passes into sleep mode when no voice or Internet activity is performed, then it activates automatically. In the result, you save energy and use the device only when it’s necessary.
  • LCD display. You can see all the major system data on the screen, for example, outdoor signal level, output strength, Automatic Gain Control (AGC), installation tips, etc.
  • FCC and RoHS Certifications. The booster meets the requirements of the current safety legislations.

Obtain Nikrans LCD dual band booster and be confident in using mobile phones in any place you’re!

Kit contents and setup

The mobile network receiver for home Nikrans LCD-500C-3G-4G comes in a full kit with antennas and cables best suitable for the model. Installation is usually carried out by our clients on their own. You will spend no more than 15-20 minutes on mounting of the repeater and antennas. After the system is turned on, a good signal is spread all over the zone in 5-7 seconds.

The booster isn’t harmful for the health of its users . It also helps to prolong mobile phone battery life.

Operating rules

The cell phone network booster for home LCD-500C-3G-4G is an easy solution to poor mobile signal and slow 3G internet! To ensure safe usage of the booster, we recommend using a lightning protector, good grounding, safe distance from heating equipment, and install it in a well-ventilated place.

If you have any questions about our equipment our Technical Experts are always at your disposal.

Safety & Certification

Every Nikrans signal booster is confirmed to be 100% safe for its users, mobile devices and the environment. The absolute safety of devices is proven by the international safety certifications CE and RoHS. Read more about certification of Nikrans equipment here.


LCD-500C+3G+4G Specification

Coverage 5400 ft²
Up-link freq 824-849 & 1850-1910MHz
Down-link freq 869-894 & 1930-1960MHz
Up-link Gain 60 dB
Down-link Gain 65 dB
Power Output 17 dBm
Working t °C -25/+55 °C
Humidity 5 - 95 %
IP-Code IP40
Size (mm) 181*142*33mm
Booster Weight 1 kg
Power supply Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A
Energy Consumption 0.01 kW/h
Model Year 2023
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LCD-500C+3G+4G FAQ

How many mobile and 3G connections can support a cell phone repeater at the same time?
Is it safe to use a cell phone repeater?
How to find out the frequency of my GSM, 3G or 4G LTE network?
Why do I buy at your online store?
What maximum length of the cable can you recommend between an outside antenna and a cell phone repeater?
Can I install a repeater system without a technician?

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Service and store rating

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LCD-500C+3G+4G Customer Stories

At last having my best cell phone signal amplifier I don't get irritated with Cierto signal problems!

Alberto Tagarro (Mexico, Tlapehuala )

I have a private house not far from the city, but I was just fed up of dealing with Cierto signal problems. And, I have to say, there were plenty! Not only the Internet connection suffered, I even struggled to have a normal conversation on my phone – the bad quality of the connection always interrupted important calls. I have done some research and found out that Cierto signal issues can be eliminated with the help of a signal booster. And then the real mission began. I was looking for something of great quality; that would surely do the job and not cost me a fortune, of course.

I was a bit skeptical about the fact that a little box will help me deal with Cierto poor coverage. But I bit the bullet and ordered the best cell phone signal amplifier for my situation from MyAmplifiers. I order a lot of stuff from abroad. So the fact that the company is not local did not bother me at all. Surprisingly, I received the package in only 4 days! I surely wasn’t expecting that, but was incredibly pleased.

The package had everything I needed to install the fella. All details were of great quality and, of course, brand new. I experienced absolutely no problems while installing the thing. In fact, it took me around 15 minutes and another minute later – my signal booster was working. Finally, my family can forget about Cierto poor signal thanks to this best cell phone signal amplifier.

Personal signal problems can spoil your life but LCD-500C+3G+4G signal booster can improve cell phone reception!

Neiva Palos (Paraguay, San Ignacio)

We don’t use landline telephony services, that’s why mobile communication was the only available for us way to stay in touch with our friends and relatives.

We live in a two-storey house and the main problem was that there was no even a single corner where we could catch any type of Personal mobile signal: there was no GSM, no 3G…And it is even without speaking about 4G. A real disaster! We could use our mobile phones when we were in our offices, or in some public places but at home we felt ourselves fully isolated!

But then I found an article in which it was said that Personal a mobile signal booster can improve cell phone reception. At that time, I couldn’t believe that it is possible to solve Personal signal problems with some devices but we decided to study the issues more carefully. Thanks to the info provided on MyAmplifiers web site we understood how these devices work. And we took a decision to install such a booster in our house. We bought a very powerful LCD-500C+3G+4G that is able to boost all types of Personal mobile signal. And a new epoch for us has begun! Now we can use our mobile phones at home without any obstacles! Thank you, guys, your device has really managed to improve cell phone reception!

Mobile signal boosters will help you in dealing with Movistar signal problems!

Mariana Maez (Chile, Santiago)

LCD-500C+3G+4G is an excellent device! I highly appreciate its amazing quality and wonderful price! Thank you, MyAmplifiers team, for your great customer support service, sensible recommendations and very flexible terms of payment.

Our family has faced with the following Movistar signal problems. I live in Santiago while my parents live in a small village situated not very far from the capital. And the best way to stay in touch is mobile communication, it is very convenient for us and not very expensive. But there was one big obstacle – Movistar poor coverage in the village where my parents live. It was a real problem to reach them. Sometimes I just gave up when my 15 attempts to call them failed.

That’s why I decided that I should find a solution to overcome Movistar signal issues. And to my mind, I have found an ideal way to improve Movistar poor signal in my parents’ house. I have bought a mobile signal booster for them. And we all are very satisfied. Their house is not very big, that’s why 500 m2 covered by the amplified signal is enough for them. I have opted for LCD-500C+3G+4G that is very reasonably-priced and is able to deal with several types of Movistar mobile signal.

We can make simple GSM calls or video calls, we can send photos and videos to each other, we can send simple text messages. Moreover, my parents have even created their accounts on Facebook and Instagram and now use their mobile internet to share photos and read some interesting posts. I am proud of them! And that’s is great that Movistar poor coverage is not an obstacle for them anymore!

Bolivia, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
My best regards to you and huge thanks for assisting me in purchasing of a repeater for Potosi, Bolivia. You explained it all to me just perfectly so that I could make a decision. I'll keep in touch if any further consultation is needed.
Chile, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
LCD-500C+3G+4G is a good booster and I am happy that I've chosen it.
The device excellently performs its functions. I believe that one day such devices will become cheaper and, as a result, more affordable and available for more people.
Mexico, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
Thanks for this booster. Though initially, I didn’t believe that this device could be helpful, it was a mistake to think so. The connection is amazingly stable with it. By the way, I think that the price is really good. I’ve compared the prices on various websites. And this one is the best.
Long delivery
Chile, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
The problems with mobile connection are quite common in our town. But we own a small hotel there that’s why we need to ensure a good signal for our employees and guests. LCD-500C+3G+4G was our last hope. And it really helped us! As soon as we switched it on, the signal indicator started growing. Now the connection is surprisingly stable. I am even thinking about such a device for my mum to install in her house.
United States, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
No problems at all. Good service and a good device. Thank you. Daniel, for helping me to choose a booster. I appreciate your patience. Sales managers here are very nice guys.
Australia, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
Many thanks for a reliable booster. The standard length of the cable seemed to be not enough for me, so I customized my order without any difficulties.
United States, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
I can’t understand why I decided to buy LCD-500C+3G+4G only 2 months ago. I should have done it earlier. Thanks for my stable connection.
United States, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
Good amplifier for our office.
Functionality and reliability. Excellent support service. Excellent device, everything is okay, I hope I won’t have any problems in the future.
United States, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
The problems with 4G internet are very irritating for me. I hate them. I hate them with all my heart. It was a reason why I ordered LCD-500C+3G+4G. It has extended coverage which is just sufficient for our cottage. By the way, thanks for useful recommendations, guys.
Canada, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
It’s very convenient that one device can solve ALL signal problems. We like absolutely everything about it. I think that’s a good model for offices as well as for houses and apartments. Standard cables were too short for us but we customized it without any issues.
Argentina, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
The booster works perfectly. Since I installed the repeater, I have had no signal issues at all. Moreover, I want to note that the booster is energy-efficient. I’ve already analyzed my electricity bills and practically nothing has changed after I started using this device.
Colombia, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
The Bottom Line is I am absolutely satisfied with my dual band cellular amplifier. I realize it’s rather expensive but we have no choice as one nearest mobile base stations to our house has 800 mhz frequency while in bad weather conditions we receive signal from 1900 mhz mobile base.
our dual band extender gives additional 3 bars on average, when the weather is terrible it adds 2 but that is enough for us. the cost, yet it’s not a con but rather a consequence of dual band mode – every dual band cellular amplifier is pretty expensive.
Costa Rica, Verified Buyer
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G
Thanks for your attention to your clients! Before making an order I contacted the manager for 5 or 6 times, I don’t even remember. And the manager always was extremely polite and patient. It was my first experience of buying devices online. But I am very satisfied.

* The reviews are originally posted in authors' native languages. However for customers' convenience we translate them into major European languages. View all »

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