Tri Band Amplifier Nikrans NS2500 GDW

in United Kingdom this booster works with:

Virgin Mobile
Tesco Mobile
iD Mobile
Vectone Mobile
Delight Mobile
Indoor coverage: 21600 ft2

Tri Band Amplifier Nikrans NS2500 GDW

  • Triband booster NS2500 GDW,
  • Outdoor antenna + 10m cable,
  • Indoor antenna + 5m cable,
  • AC/DC power supply,
  • Installation manual.
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Nikrans NS-2500GDW Overview

Phone reception booster NS2500 GDW is a new triband model designed for boosting GSM and 3G signals in big locations up to 2000m2 (21500 ft2). The device is appropriate for installation in big private houses, offices, supermarkets, facilities located in underground areas, etc.

The booster amplifies signals on three frequencies at the same time: GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz and 3G 2100 MHz which are compatible with all mobile operators in the European Union, Africa and Asia.

This Triband repeater is meant to improve poor mobile reception of different providers (900+1800MHz). It also ensures stable 3G data transfer on 2100MHz and a new, gaining popularity 900MHz band. Besides, the Triband is able to enhance LTE Internet on 1800MHz on condition that your provider supports 4G on this frequency.

Among the distinctive characteristics of Nikrans NS2500GDW there are:

  • Automatic Level Control for automatic control of booster gain level with the purpose of avoiding signal interference.
  • Automatic Gain Control for automatic adjustment of gain level and creating thus favorable signal amplification conditions.
  • Manual Gain Control suits for advanced users who want to control gain manually.
  • Shut-off function for protecting a booster from breakdowns due to incorrect installation or self-oscillation.

The reception booster corresponds to the international safety and usage requirements. It’s proved by CE and RoHS certificates all our boosters have.

Order Nikrans NS2500 GDW cellular phone signal booster, and GSM and 3G connections will become stable forever!

Triband phone reception booster NS2500 GDW is a convenient and simple device. The package includes everything you need for proper installation and usage. The installation process won’t require more than 15-20 minutes and any specific knowledge or skills from you. After you switch on the tri band amplifier, it'll make GSM and 3G signals increased in  5-7 seconds.

Our tri band amplifier meets all the safety standards and doesn’t emit radiation waves, so it’s not dangerous for its users.

NS2500 GDW cellular phone signal booster is a perfect way to boost 3 different kinds of signal at a time! 

Our Professional Team is always ready to answer all your questions.

Nikrans NS-2500GDW Specification

Coverage: 21600 ft2
Up-link freq:890-915MHz, 1710-1785MHz, 1920
Down-link freq:935-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 2110
Up-link Gain:65 dB
Down-link Gain:70 dB
Power Output:20 dBm
Working t °C:-25 -+ 55 °C
Humidity:5%< 85%
Size (mm):250 × 250 × 52
Booster Weight:3.5 kg
Power supply:AC 90~264V, DC9V/3A, 27W
Model Year:2017



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Definitely, this mobile phone signal amplifier works in United Kingdom. NS-2500GDW is extremely in demand among cell phone subscribers of Switzerland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg. In line with the fabricator, the mobile phone signal amplifier NS-2500GDW can also be compatible for mobile operators of such countries as United Arab Emirates, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Singapore, Portugal, Ireland.
Definitely, this cell phone signal amplifier goes for EE. All-in-all, NS-2500GDW amplifier is compatible with highly-popular cell phone providers such as Orange, ExpressMobil, Others. Besides that, our managers are repeatedly hearing satisfying answers from our clients who apply NS-2500GDW for increasing cell phone coverage zone of such providers as Meteor, DU, Cosmote, TIM, Magyar Telekom, Three, Claro, TDC, iD Mobile, Orange, Mucho, Lebara. Email us to double verify this if you have any confusion.

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Customer Stories

I couldn’t make or receive a call because of Vodafone signal problems!

Living in a basement room I had Vodafone poor coverage. A gsm repeater seemed to me the only worthy solution. Now Vodafone signal issues are sorted out. Thanks!

Nikles Thierry · Tuam, Ireland

Product: LCD-300

We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal.

With an installed signal amplifier we have noticed a significant signal improvement at our working sites. I send you some pictures to show the installation we've made.

Ing. Pablo Colmenarez · Barcelona, Spain

Product: LCD-1200GW

Experience Eircom poor coverage? Get yourself a booster.

The booster works well; I finally manage to use my 4G internet at home.

James Moore · Portroe, Ireland

Product: LCD250-GSM+4G

Customer Reviews*

(Austria)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS2500GDW  ·  March 28, 2016

Hi, I want to share with you my booster experience because I´ve been using it for a month already. I am very satisfied with it. In comparison with the coverage we used to have the result is excellent. It´s true that the setup is very simple as well as its usage. Another characteristic of the device is its compact dimensions, small weigh, easy expliotation and super high gain.

Size, design, 3 frequencies, coverage area.

Price, delays at the customs.

(Finland)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS2500GDW  ·  March 4, 2015

Living on >1 acre in a 3 floor house with several warehouses and garages, wanted to maximize range as well as speed for not only mobile communication, but also the 3G network. This is a significant upgrade from the prior single band and less powerful model. It has met all my expectations. I will recommend it!

* The reviews are originally posted in authors' native languages. However for customers' convenience we translate them into major European languages.

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