LTE/ 4G Network Antenna Booster Nikrans LCD500-4G-D

in United Kingdom this booster works with:

Virgin Mobile
Tesco Mobile
iD Mobile
Vectone Mobile
Delight Mobile
Indoor coverage: 5400 ft2
2 Band

LTE/ 4G Network Antenna Booster Nikrans LCD500-4G-D

  • NIkrans LCD500-4G-D mobile network booster,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable
  • outdoor antenna + 20m cable,
  • power supply,
  • user manual

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Nikrans LCD500-4G-D Overview

Nikrans LCD500-4G-D LTE and GSM network antenna booster provides quality amplification of mobile phone signal for 4G data on 800 MHz and 1800 MHZ frequencies. The device is suitable for medium areas up to 500 m2 (5400ft2) such as private houses, mini-markets, restaurants, offices, parking lots, etc. The main working frequency of this booster is 800 MHz which is the most spread band in European countries for 4G mobile Internet. The device also works on 1800 MHz frequency which is an additional one for 4G and GSM signals in Europe.

This wireless signal booster will guarantee safe mobile phone communication without interruptions thanks to the following advantages:

  • LCD screen. You will be able to setup and use this signal amplifier successfully, even if you are a non-tech. All the necessary information and tips for installation are displayed on the screen.
  • Auto Level Control. Special software in the booster provides with gain self-adjustment depending on the strength of the incoming signal.
  • MCU Control. The booster is able to detect system errors and activate protection program.

Make your mobile communication more enjoyable purchasing LCD500-4G-D GSM/ LTE/ 4G network antenna booster right now!

Nikrans LCD500-4G-D model is easy to install and use. The signal is improved wirelessly which allows you enjoying better coverage without any extra accessories attached to your cell phone. The signal will also get amplified automatically just in 5-7 seconds after installation. The installation process is so simple that it’s not necessary to have any technical qualification to perform it successfully.

The device is absolutely safe for humans as, amplifying the signal, it doesn't spread harmful radiation waves over the area.

Signal booster LCD500-4G-D is a perfect way to improve mobile connections in your medium-sized indoor location!

Our Professional Team is always ready to answer all your questions.

Nikrans LCD500-4G-D Specification

Coverage: 5400 ft2
Up-link freq:831-861 & 1710-1785
Down-link freq:791-821 & 1805-1880
Up-link Gain:67 dB
Down-link Gain:75 dB
Power Output:17 dBm
Working t °C:-25 - +55 °C
Size (mm):225 × 140 × 35
Booster Weight:2 kg
Power supply:AC 110~220V, DC5V/2A, 7W
Model Year:2018



How do I know what cell phone repeater suits for my country and mobile operator?
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Can Nikrans 3G repeater work with all mobile operators?
Certainly, this cellular amplifier works in United Kingdom. LCD500-4G-D is very in demand among cell phone users of Sweden, Singapore, Brazil. Accordantly the producer, the cellular amplifier LCD500-4G-D can also be utilized for cell phone providers of such countries as New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom.
Certainly, this cell phone signal amplifier is suitable for EE. Basically, LCD500-4G-D amplifier supports highly-popular cell phone operators such as Talk Talk, Telenor, Vodafone. Besides that, our company are regularly receiving good notes from our consumers who utilize LCD500-4G-D for raising cell phone coverage zone of such operators as Three, Lebara Mobile, Free Mobile, Vectone Mobile, SOSH, ok.- Mobile, Zain, Eir Mobile, STC, Yoigo, giffgaff, Three. Inform us to double test if you have any hesitation.

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Customer Stories

First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem

Even in such a specific and difficult situation as ours, a mobile repeater helped us to skip expensive roaming. We can finally enjoy a stable mobile connection with our home provider.

Martin Fisher · Morez, France

Product: LCD-300

I have understood that the company is serious

The bad signal in the house did not permit us even making a phone call. After getting a signal amplifier I got 4-5 bars with optimal coverage. The company is serious, with the professional team.

Giampietro Saragozza · Siracusa, Italia

Product: NS-550GDW

My cellar is a real bunker!

I chose MyAmplifiers due to competitive prices and well-made video guidance. The signal quality has really improved now after installing a cell phone booster.

Delpart Nicolas · Gembloux, Belgium

Product: NS-300GD

Customer Reviews*

(Australia)  ·  Purchased Nikrans MA2000C  ·  May 27, 2016

When we moved to the new office in the signal there was just terrible! We couldn't contact our clients and no one of our clients could contact us..The whole company work was paralyzed! Then I read somewhere on the internet that mobile boosters are used for such situatons..I ordered one from MyAmplifiers and now the problem of my company is risolved. Thanks a lot for good device and service!

The booster increases the signal on huge office territory up to 5 bars

(the USA, NV)  ·  Purchased Nikrans MA2000C  ·  December 21, 2013

This booster is just what I expected

comparing to my last attempt, this new mobile amplifier has:-easier setup-farther range-more consistent connection-better signal reception-nice to realize that the tool has radiation shielding effect-pleasantly affordable price

5 meter cable is not enough taking into consideration dimensions of an average private house- need to buy extra tool and splitter

* The reviews are originally posted in authors' native languages. However for customers' convenience we translate them into major European languages.

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