4G/ LTE Mobile Phone Signal Booster Nikrans LCD250-4G-D

in United Kingdom this booster works with:

Virgin Mobile
Tesco Mobile
iD Mobile
Vectone Mobile
Delight Mobile
Indoor coverage: 2700 ft2
2 Band

4G/ LTE Mobile Phone Signal Booster Nikrans LCD250-4G-D

  • Nikrans LCD250-4G-D mobile signal booster,
  • indoor antenna, indoor cable - 5m,
  • outdoor antenna, indoor cable - 20m,
  • power supply,
  • user manual

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Nikrans LCD250-4G-D Overview

Nikrans LCD250-4G-D 4G/ LTE mobile amplifier boosts GSM and 4G mobile connections of European mobile providers. The coverage area of the model is 250 m2 (2500 ft2). LCD250-4G-D amplifies signals at 800 MHz frequency used by most carriers in many European countries such as Vodafone, Virgin, Telenor, Orange, etc. for 4G data transmission. The other working frequency of LCD250-4G-D is 1800 MHz which is used as an additional working band for GSM and 4G/ LTE signal. This means that this device is able to improve the quality of your phone calls and 4G mobile Internet on the condition that your provider works on the 800 and 1800 MHz frequencies for those types of signal.

Nikrans LCD250-4G-D repeater offers you the following benefits:

  • LCD screen will guide you through the installation process and enable simple and fast setup which makes the booster much easier in use.
  • Energy saving.The device go into sleep mode when no calls or Internet activity is performed. It helps save energy and reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone.
  • Longer Battery Life. Mobile devices use much less power when mobile signal is stronger.

Get full coverage in your area ordering this 4G/ LTE/ GSM mobile amplifier now!

The booster is supplied with all the accessories necessary for proper mounting and installation. The installation process of LCD250-4G-D is fast and easy, as it takes about 20 minutes and doesn’t require special technical knowledge. The model is also very practical and simple in use. The equipment starts spreading an amplified signal all over your area automatically in 5-7 seconds after the installation.

Each mobile signal amplifier also doesn't impact human health and has internacional certificates of quality - FCC and RoHS. It's not only safe for its users but even decreases radiation emitted from a mobile phone in search of a stable signal.

Nikrans LCD250-4G-D model is an effective solution for those who need to stabilize mobile phone communication in a house or office!

Our Professional Team is always ready to answer all your questions.

Nikrans LCD250-4G-D Specification

Coverage: 2700 ft2
Up-link freq:831-861 & 1710-1785
Down-link freq:791-821 & 1805-1880
Up-link Gain:60 dB
Down-link Gain:65 dB
Power Output:12 dBm
Working t °C:-25 - +55 °C
Humidity: 5-95%
Size (mm):225 × 140 × 35
Booster Weight:2 kg
Power supply:AC 110~220V, DC5V/2A, 7W
Model Year:2018



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How do I know which cell phone repeater is the best for my house?
Can I install a repeater system without a technician?
Is it safe to use a cell phone repeater?
Certainly, this mobile phone amplifier works in United Kingdom. LCD250-4G-D is widely used by mobile phone subscribers of Spain, Denmark, Sweden. In accordance with the fabricator, the mobile phone amplifier LCD250-4G-D can also be utilized for cell phone providers of such countries as Norway, France, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Singapore.
Surely, this mobile phone signal amplifier suits for EE. On the whole, LCD250-4G-D amplifier supports favorite cellular operators such as Prixtel, Cosmote, Telenor. Moreover, our managers are regularly obtaining satisfying replies from our consumers who utilize LCD250-4G-D for improving cellular coverage capacity of such operators as Lycamobile, Callmobile, Lebara Mobil, Bouygues, A1 Mobile, iD Mobile, Vodafone, Allo RTL, Free Mobile, Lycamobile, NetCom, M1. Let us know to double analyze in case you have any hesitation.

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Customer Stories

Now I have excellent network without STC signal problems

I want to say thanks to the manager who recommended me this booster and answered all my questions. Now my family feels happy having good signal inside the house. You can also see the photos of the installed booster.

Yosef Hamad Alfahme · Saudi Arabia

Product: NS-150

It was unbearable when I couldn’t use my mobile phone

I’m very satisfied with a 3G signal booster! Even though everybody was telling me that the situation could not be fixed, I kept on searching for a solution. Now with a booster I have got full signal reception.

Rosario Alfano · Milano, Italy

Product: LCD-1200GD

Solution for a large domestic house with Tesco poor signal

I purchased the LCD-500GD to cover a large domestic house that had extremely poor Tesco Mobile cell signal.

Paul Gillen · Kildare, Ireland

Product: LCD-500GD

Customer Reviews*

(North Carolina)  ·  Purchased Nikrans MA1200C  ·  February 22, 2014

My family lives in a poor signal territory but I always need to stay in touch. I used to have some problems as I’m allowed to work at home sometimes (due to recent delivery) but I could not receive and make calls on the company cell phone. I can assure you that MA1200 C works perfect! No matter what the weather is, I have 5 bars!

MA1200C turned out an effective device. Can’t say about installation but my husband didn’t curse the world, which means it was quite easy))

can’t think of any, luckily

* The reviews are originally posted in authors' native languages. However for customers' convenience we translate them into major European languages.

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