Dual Band Cellular Repeater Kit Nikrans MA800 CP

Incompatible with providers of United Kingdom

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Indoor coverage: 8700 ft2

Dual Band Cellular Repeater Kit Nikrans MA800 CP

  • MA800 CP mobile booster,
  • indoor antenna + 5m cable
  • outdoor antenna + 15m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual (read)
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Nikrans MA-800CP Overview

MA800 CP is a dualband booster for cellular signal improvement at two frequencies 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. The model will be perfect for large areas up to  800 m2 (8600 ft2).

With MA800 CP dual band cellular repeater kit you will improve GSM/CDMA signals (calls, sms, GPRS and EDGE networks) and 3G Internet data at a time for the following US carriers: Verizon, AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, etc. The booster has such advantages as:

  • MCU control. If the system error occurs booster will signal about that and self-reloads.
  • Auto Level Control.  Booster software adjusts the system according to your specific environments.
  • Full Kit. Together with the booster you’ll get cables and antennas. 
  • Longer Battery Life. When signal is strong mobile phones use less power to catch a signal.

Order MA800 CP dual band cellular repeater kit and have easily accessible cellular signal!

As soon as a cell phone booster comes in a full kit you can start system mounting right after delivery. Mobile signal booster has easy installation and you can effect it by yourself. You need to fix two antennas and attach cables to the booster, which will take about 15-20 minutes.

Nikrans MA800 CP has modern design and rather compact dimensions, so it will be suitable for any kind of area and interior.

Nikrans MA800CP has FCC and RoHS certificates that guarantee safety of the device for its users. It also makes use of mobile phones healthier as all smartphones and other mobile devices irradiate heavily in poorly covered zones.

Nikrans MA800 CP is the best way to boost your connections

If you have any questions or hesitation regarding boosters, get a professional consultation from our Technical Experts.

Nikrans MA-800CP Specification

Coverage: 8700 ft2
Up-link freq:824-849 & 1850-1910
Down-link freq:869-894 & 1930-1960
Up-link Gain:60 dB
Down-link Gain:65 dB
Power Output:20 dBm
Working t °C:-25 - +55 °C
Size (mm):135 × 199 × 35
Booster Weight:0,87 kg
Power supply:AC110V~220V to DC+5V/3A
Model Year:2016



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Undoubtedly, this mobile amplifier works in United States. MA-800CP is highly in demand among cell phone subscribers of United States, New Zealand, Brazil. In line with the fabricator, the mobile amplifier MA-800CP can also be compatible for mobile service operators of such countries as Australia, Canada.
Surely, this cellular amplifier is suitable for AT&T. Basically, MA-800CP amplifier supports highly-popular cell phone providers such as Telus Mobility, Red Pocket, Metro PCS. Besides that, our specialists are repeatedly gaining content reviews from our buyers who utilize MA-800CP for increasing cell phone coverage capacity of such providers as SaskTel Mobility, Ting, Claro, Vivo, Net10, AT&T Mobility, Telstra, Simple Mobile, VHA-Vodafone, Sprint Corporation, GoSmart Mobile, Roam Mobility. Let us know to double analyze in case you have any hesitation.

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Customer Stories

Experience Eircom poor coverage? Get yourself a booster.

The booster works well; I finally manage to use my 4G internet at home.

James Moore · Portroe, Ireland

Product: LCD250-GSM+4G

A device to get rid of T-Mobile signal issues in the basement office

We finally ordered a booster, LCD-300GDW from this site hoping to improve at least a little bit our communication quality. It was delivered with two antennas and an amplifying box.

Luke Jansen · Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Product: LCD-300GDW

ATTENTION !!! Signal booster can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Having bought an NS-5000 GW we have now the 3G and GSM network everywhere in the house as well as on the garden ! We are endlessy thankful to the whole team of MyAmplifiers!

Benjamin Volait · France

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Customer Reviews*

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia )  ·  Purchased Nikrans MA800CP  ·  August 8, 2014

Finally!!! I can talk wherever I stand in my two-storeyed house, either by the window, in centre of the room or in some corner!!! Thousand million thanks to super MA800CP and all MyAmplifiers staff! I'f recommend this device of you suffer from absence or poor signal!!

the booster amplifies mobile signal so that now I can talk in any place of the house. And company support managers give real professional help!!!

The installation took more time than I expected, anyway I managed it!!! :)

* The reviews are originally posted in authors' native languages. However for customers' convenience we translate them into major European languages.

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