Are you looking for an amplifier that will help you to increase the quality of your GSM connection? The Nikrans LCD-130 can become a very good choice in your case. However, to make the right decision we recommend reading this review. We’ve carefully analyzed all the peculiarities and features of this device and presented them together with the thoughts that our clients shared with us after starting using this amplifier. Are you ready to change the quality of your signal right now? Then this LCD-130 booster review is for you!

How does LCD-130 look like?

LCD-130 is a reliable signal amplifier that is compatible with the 900 MHz frequency band that is widely used by numerous operators in European countries and other regions for transmitting GSM signal to their subscribers. The compatibility with this frequency band also makes it possible for the booster to work with EDGE and GPRS signals as well.

The booster is sold together with all the necessary elements for its functioning and mounting. The standard kit also includes a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions that will help you to install your device. But to begin with, let’s have a look at this device together.


The LCD-130 booster set includes:

  • One repeater box
  • One indoor antenna
  • One outdoor antenna
  • 16-meter cable for fixing the outdoor antenna
  • power supply
  • mountings.

If the length of the cable doesn’t suit you, you can customize your order. Please remember that if you use a cable that is too long, it may have a negative impact on the amplified signal.

How to install this GSM repeater?

We recommend you to start the booster installation with connecting your outdoor antenna with the booster box with the help of the coaxial cable.


After that, it’s time to fix your indoor antenna that is connected directly to the booster box.


As for mobile devices, they will get the improved signal automatically. There is no need to use any wires to connect them.

Now everything is ready. Just switch on the booster using the power supply.


Please note that this device can be used in different climate zones, with different temperatures and humidity.

Benefits of LCD-130

  • The device meets the highest quality and safety standards which is proven by the international certification authorities, such as RoHS and CE.
  • When the improved signal is not being used by mobile devices, the booster switches on its energy-saving mode.
  • The booster has very compact sizes and you can easily install it in any room.
  • The installation process is quite simple and usually takes around 15-20 minutes.
  • LCD-130 has an LCD screen on the body of the booster box. There you can find valuable installation tips and crucial data related to the network state.
  • The improved signal can be used by multiple mobile devices at the same time.

Nikrans LCD-130: What do users think about it?

Since the time of its introduction, this model has always been among the most popular amplifiers for calls. The booster doesn’t have a very large coverage area. But 130 m² is sufficient coverage for the majority of flats, small private houses, offices, cafes, and other locations.

If you are not sure whether LCD-130 will suit you and help in your situation, it can be a very good idea to read what our clients have written about their GSM signal problems and how this device helped to overcome them. We are always happy to see their positive comments and hope that you will also join the rows of our satisfied customers.

One of those who have already experienced the benefits of this model is Jérôme Mollat who bought LCD-130 to fight with Orange connection issues in his house which is located in a small commune in France. He praised this model for the simplicity of installation and functionality. “I managed to set up the amplifier on my own without any additional technical help, so I think anyone can do it easily. Immediately after the installation the booster started to extend cell phone range Orange and the level of the connection became much better,” wrote Jérôme.

George Ralley, who lives in Maidstone, the United Kingdom, also ordered this device. His apartment is located in a neighborhood with a lot of high buildings and probably because of that he faced problems with the Lycamobile poor signal. But the booster has helped to change the situation. George said: “After that I just turned it on – the Lycamobile signal problems have never bothered me anymore.”

As for the rates that buyers give to LCD-130, the most popular choice is the highest mark – 5 stars. People like the modern design of the booster, its compact sizes, a very pleasant price and low energy consumption.

We hope that this article is useful for you and contains the necessary information for making up your mind. If you see that this model doesn’t meet your requirements and you need our assistance in choosing a more suitable variant, just contact us! We will be extremely happy to see that we can help you.

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