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How cell phone signal booster ensures perfect mobile connection?

Cell phone signal boosters are meant to solve the problem of bad cellular connection in your home, office or vehicle. Here you’ll find an entire line of booster models for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, U.S.Cellular and many more carriers of the US. Basing on your requirements, you can select a booster kit for a preferable signal type - GSM voice calls, Edge/Gprs, 3G, LTE mobile Internet o WiFi.

Every cellular signal booster by MyAmplifiers starts signal amplifying in about 5 seconds after you switch it on. No technical maintenance, no adjustments - once mounted, you benefit from the improved signal 24 hours 7 days a week. The devices feature compact design and durable casing resistant to the weather and aggressive impacts.

Selecting a cell phone signal booster at MyAmplifiers you see ready-to-use solutions that include all the accessories you will need for mounting and using the system. Our specialists have done this job for you and included the best accessories models into each signal booster kit. However, we are ready to suggest you a customized solution and create your personal booster kit with the accessories you need. Installation of booster equipment is a pretty straightforward process that takes less than 30 minutes normally. In the result, you get stable and high-quality mobile signal once and for all!

Need professional help or have questions? Contact us, and we’ll find your ideal booster by your criteria!

Which tab should I choose - 'Calls', 'Calls+4G ', 'Calls+3G ' or '3G'?

1. Choosing the tab 'Calls' you`ll find boosters recommended for phone calls mainly.

2. For improving phone calls and mobile Internet at the same time select 'Calls+4G' or 'Calls+3G'.

3. In order to display devices that we recommend for boosting mobile Internet click on '3G'.
Show frequencies
phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+3G+4G
customers' choice
2700 ft2
Verizon Wireless phone signal booster AT&T Mobility phone signal booster T-mobile US phone signal booster Sprint Corporation phone signal booster FreedomPop phone signal booster Cricket Wireless phone signal booster Straight Talk phone signal booster AirVoice Wireless  phone signal booster Net10 phone signal booster Lycamobile phone signal booster Red Pocket phone signal booster Ultra Mobile phone signal booster Boost Mobile phone signal booster GoSmart Mobile phone signal booster Roam Mobility phone signal booster Ting phone signal booster Simple Mobile phone signal booster Virgin Mobile phone signal booster Metro PCS phone signal booster ZIP SIM phone signal booster US Mobile phone signal booster H2O Wireless phone signal booster Tracfone phone signal booster
cell phone amplifier Nikrans LCD-250AWS
2700 ft2
Verizon Wireless cell phone amplifier AT&T Mobility cell phone amplifier T-mobile US cell phone amplifier Sprint Corporation cell phone amplifier FreedomPop cell phone amplifier Cricket Wireless cell phone amplifier Straight Talk cell phone amplifier AirVoice Wireless  cell phone amplifier Net10 cell phone amplifier Lycamobile cell phone amplifier Red Pocket cell phone amplifier Ultra Mobile cell phone amplifier Boost Mobile cell phone amplifier GoSmart Mobile cell phone amplifier Roam Mobility cell phone amplifier Ting cell phone amplifier Simple Mobile cell phone amplifier Virgin Mobile cell phone amplifier Metro PCS cell phone amplifier ZIP SIM cell phone amplifier US Mobile cell phone amplifier H2O Wireless cell phone amplifier Tracfone cell phone amplifier

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Note: information on provider's frequencies is taken from public sources. thoroughly monitors its relevance and guarantees 97% accuracy. However, if you have any doubts concerning the compatibility of a specific booster model with your provider`s frequencies in your region, please, contact our managers.

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