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In Thailand, where mobile coverage may be limited in certain areas, a reliable 4G repeater is an essential tool for cell phone users who require a better signal reception. The basic operational principle is to capture signals from the nearest cell tower, amplify them and transmit them to the user's mobile device. When choosing a booster, we recommend you to consider the frequency band, coverage area, signal gain, and type of the antenna. Choose your provider
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Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

I am really happy that I decided to order a booster on Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, we have taken a decision to stay at home. But of course, in our case self-isolation could have presupposed full isolation from the whole world as the quality of our mobile signal at home used to leave much to desire.

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

Yes, I am one of those who have been enforced to work from home due to all these risks related to the coronavirus outbreak. To tell the truth, I had noticed the problems with my mobile signal long before the quarantine was announced. But earlier, it was not very important for me.

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The reasons to use mobile phone signal boosters from MyAmplifiers in Thailand.

The reasons to use mobile phone signal boosters from MyAmplifiers in Thailand.

A poor mobile signal is not a rare thing in Thailand. Unfortunately, when you have no mobile coverage, you immediately get frustrated, and you start spending a lot of time on recovering the connection, sometimes with no effective result. This is where mobile signal boosters come in, specifically 4G repeater and GSM booster. These devices amplify the signal for stronger and more stable connections.

Unlike the inbuilt antenna, a GSM repeater can receive the signal and increase its strength to ensure a steady connection. 4G repeater relies on its external antenna to capture the signal transmitted by the cell tower. The transmitted signal then travels through the cable to the amplifier. Inside the amplifier, the signal is boosted, and the improved signal is transmitted back to the phone by the internal antenna. This process ensures that you get the most out of your signal by enhancing its strength, coverage, and capacity.

GSM booster comes in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right smart signal booster is crucial. During the selection process, you must ensure that the repeater 4G LTE is compatible with your phone's frequency band and the carrier's network. The amplifier's gain or power also plays a vital role in identifying the right one for your needs. A more powerful booster 4G will transmit a stronger signal than one with a lower gain.

Correct installation of a 4G booster antenna is critical for optimal performance. The installation process involves mounting the external antenna on a high point, such as a roof, and connecting it to the amplifier using a cable. The 4G booster is then connected to the power source and the internal antenna. It is essential to note that the distance between the internal and external antennas must be kept far apart. Failure to maintain this distance could lead to signal interference, which would reduce the GSM repeater effectiveness.

One of the most important factors to consider during the installation is the quality of the signal from the cell tower. If the signal is weak or non-existent, the 4G repeater will not work correctly, and improvements to the signal strength will be marginal. Additionally, poor installation techniques, such as running the cable close to power lines, could lead to signal interference.

Boost 3G Connection Once and for All

If you suffer from poor mobile coverage then you can’t do without a mobile phone signal booster. We can offer you a wide range of repeaters with different coverage areas and working frequencies. Choose the one you need!

4G Boosters for Home

Don’t want to fall behind the progress but your 4G signal doesn’t allow enjoying speedy internet at home? Install one of our mobile phone signal boosters and surf the new without any problems.

Ensure better mobile coverage in Thailand with Nikrans BD-400FG

Nikrans BD-400FG is an effective 4G booster that will provide you with an absolutely different mobile cellular connection experience. The model works at two frequencies – 900 MHz and 700 MHz, so it amplifies both calls and 4G. The indoor coverage of 400 m² makes it a great solution to signal issues inside medium-sized buildings, such as cafes, offices, countryside houses and large apartments. Nikrans BD-400FG has the option of gain self-adapt adjustments and it’s equipped with an LCD screen for your convenience. When ordering this GSM repeater at MyAmplifiers, you get a full kit, that includes the amplifying system, necessary mountings, and a user manual.

phone signal booster
Hi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal Boosters
· Coverage: 400 m²
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

MyAmplifiers is a company that specializes in providing signal boosters for cellular phones not only in Thailand, but all over the world. With top-quality technical support and customer assistance, MyAmplifiers delivers worldwide shipping within the shortest time frame, accommodating customer preferences as much as possible.

Mobile signal interference can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are beyond our control. One such factor actual for Thailand is weather conditions, particularly storms. When heavy rainfall or lightning strikes occur, they can disrupt cellular signals, leading to poor connectivity or even dropped calls. Another potential issue is the proximity to bodies of water, such as oceans or lakes. While this may seem counterintuitive, the presence of water can actually interfere with cellular signals. This is due to the way radio waves are absorbed and scattered by water molecules.

Although there are still obstacles to overcome when it comes to maintaining strong and consistent cellular connectivity, MyAmplifiers is ready to offer you great solutions for improving the user experience.

Smart signal booster is essential for numerous settings such as houses, offices, cars, boats, and more. Models vary, with each suited for specific environments and requirements. In Thailand, for instance, some rural areas such as Nan, Khanom, Phetchaburi and others, experience poor mobile service coverage, which makes 4G repeater a great solution for comprehensive connectivity.

Bad mobile service coverage can endanger businesses in Thailand, which is why booster 4G is a must-have for any small enterprise. With an upgrade in connectivity, businesses can improve productivity, increase revenue, and propel their enterprises to new heights. Businesses cannot afford to be lagging behind in connectivity, and a weak signal is a critical obstacle. 

For those situated in remote areas, repeater 4G LTE can provide a vital link to the outside world. With this device, individuals who live in areas far from the city center can participate in the advantages of connectivity enjoyed by those who live in urban areas. For example, you can watch live broadcast of Phi Ta Khon or Songkran Festival and enjoy unforgettable emotions.

MyAmplifiers provides not only signal boosters for home and office, but also devices designed for cars and boats, which can also benefit individuals when they are on the move. Whether it is during a trip to the Rai Leh Beach or a sea adventure, signal boosters help maintain vital connectivity and keep individuals connected to their business, relatives, and friends.

A smart signal booster is absolutely necessary to owners of restaurants and hotels, since it helps to attract visitors who prefer stable connection during their vocation. Thailand is known for its tropical climate, magnificent beaches, and iconic temples which are the center of attention of millions people from all over the world. But if you own a facility in an area where mobile service coverage is not adequate, you risk losing clients. Therefore, investing in a signal booster can be an excellent investment in overcoming this obstacle.

For those who want to improve mobile connection and enjoy seamless connectivity, MyAmplifiers mobile boosters will ensure that they stay connected at all times.

In recent years, Thailand has seen a surge in mobile phone users, thanks to affordable rates and a range of new services introduced by the country's top mobile operators. AIS Jazz, one of the leading mobile operators in Thailand, recently introduced its latest unlimited data promotions, providing users with high-speed internet access without any caps on download or upload speeds. DTAC, another popular telecom operator in Thailand, has been rolling out its 5G network across major cities in the country. TrueMove H, the third major telecom operator in Thailand, has introduced its eSIM platform, allowing users to ditch the physical SIM cards and activate their mobile subscription on their compatible devices. 

Apart from the latest models of 4G repeater, there are also a variety of accessories available at MyAmplifiers. We offer additional indoor antennas, designed to increase the signal strength of your mobile phone indoors, making it easy to use in areas with low coverage. There is a wide selection of splitters, which allow users to split the amplified signal between multiple indoor antennas. If you want, you can order a lightning protection for your booster 4G or additional cables as well.

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