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Glo signal repeaters Blu Telecom signal repeaters MTN signal repeaters Vodafone signal repeaters Airtel signal repeaters Tigo signal repeaters Busy signal repeaters

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A mobile phone signal booster to cope with signal issues in Ghana.

Almost everyone has experienced signal problems in Ghana at least once in their life. For some people, these troubles are constant and bring a lot of negative emotions. It even can affect their lives and their working process badly. But is there a cure for signal issues in Ghana? It sure is!

We’re glad to offer you a cell phone signal booster. It can easily and effortlessly solve all your signal issues, even if they are really severe. It’s a simple and compact device that will amplify the signal for you and make everything work.

A signal repeater is very easy to put together and maintain. It will be the best option for your connection, so you’ll forget about bearing with inconveniences once and for all.

We tested one of our boosters for you.

With the help of our engineers and tech support, one of our long-term customers made a review on a cell phone repeater that boosts mobile signal. It’ s a dualband cell phone repeater for both GSM and 3G signals.

Top cell phone boosters for your vehicle.

There might be a lot of signal issues when you are driving, especially in the countryside and remote areas. But our vehicle boosters are here to cover your back and boost mobile signal anywhere you are driving.

The model that will boost mobile 3G coverage at your place

This signal repeater can support multiple devices at the same time without any of them losing their internet speed, as long as they are staying within its working zone, which equals 350 m2.

In case you worry about the safety – there are no reasons to worry. You can place it anywhere, and this device is absolutely harmless for people, and certified.

--TRANSLATE THIS(Mobile Phone Signal Boosters)--

signal repeater LCD-3503G

for Ghana

Indoor coverage: 350 m²
MyAmplifiers company is a company that values your comfort and time. We offer you our customer support for any questions and any help with choosing your perfect solution. We have been on this market for longer than a decade, and we know exactly what you want before you even ask, and we surely have it.
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Customer Stories

Boost cell signal Tigo to stop unbearable signal problems in our small office!

We are a small company and we needed a signal amplifier for our office building, because its walls were somehow causing Tigo poor signal. We have to make and accept lots of calls, so the good thing about MyAmplifiers booster was the fact that it works in two ways and not only makes us hear people better, but also lets them hear us, and that made our work a whole lot easier and faster.

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Our experience with Tigo signal problems.
Our experience with Tigo signal problems.

Lumusi Gyepi (Ghana, Agogo)

Tigo poor coverage is not a problem for my family! Now we can enjoy our mobile communication, call our friends and relatives, send messages to them. We have already recommended this web site to some people and one of them has already made an order. Hopefully, my review will help somebody to take a decision!

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