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The British telecommunication company Vodafone has announced its plans to research the most innovative mobile technologies, including 6G, in its new R&D center in Europe. For its research center, Vodafone has chosen Dresden, Germany.

Vodafone Will Work on the Development of 6G in Dresden

It is expected that Vodafone will hire more than 200 seasoned specialists to study such applications for 5G technology as smart building, smart chemistry, smart farming as well as the possibilities to introduce the 6G standard.

Why Vodafone chose Dresden for its R&D activities

The decision to launch a research center in Dresden was not a spontaneous one for Vodafone Group. At the beginning of 2021, in January, the company held a competition for the cities that would be able to host the center. Eight European cities that had been defined beforehand were invited to take part in the contest.

Vodafone Will Work on the Development of 6G in Dresden

Dresden was selected as the most promising and sustainable location for the development of mobile technology innovations. Vodafone Group came to Germany in 1994 and since that time it has created there a stable basis for numerous developments in telecommunications.

Today Dresden is one of the key tech cities in the European region thanks to the high concentration of numerous institutes, startups and companies there.

In 2019, Vodafone launched 5G in the country. And now it views Germany as the most suitable location for its work on the 6G technology that the company is going to introduce to the whole world.

6G and other mobile technology innovations

One of the main tasks that a new center will have is the creation of the mobile network of the 6th generation. But as it has been already mentioned another important research direction will include the use cases for 5G.

Already now it is known that developers will work on offering solutions for smart driving and mobility (which is especially valuable for the local auto industry) as well as for a row of other strategically important industries.

Moreover, some studies will be focused on Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network), the concept of open mobile network architecture.

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