For those who need to buy a mobile signal repeater to install at their house or office with a view to solving the existing issues with the quality of mobile internet and voice services, we can recommend considering our Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G. This model has already gained high popularity among our customers who live in different regions. This mobile amplifier can be considered to be a universal solution for your signal problems as it is able to deal with all types of network signals simultaneously. Read our review of this GSM, 3G, 4G mobile booster and make up your mind!

LCD250-GSM+4G: What is it and what does this booster set include?

LCD250-GSM+4G is one of our bestsellers. This amplifier works with two frequency bands widely used by operators in the European and Asian regions. Consequently, this model is regularly ordered by very wide circles of our customers. The booster is able to improve signals transmitted at 900 MHz and 800 MHz or 900 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies on clients’choice. It means that GSM, 3G and 4G signals operating on these frequencies can be stabilized by this device.

The coverage area of this repeater is up to 250 m². That’s why it can become a good option for private houses, offices, shops, restaurants and places.

Absolute safety of the device is proven by the internationally recognized certificates - CE and RoHS. And you can install this booster even in your living rooms without any risk for your health.

The highest quality of the repeater and its effectiveness are ensured thanks to a 5-stage testing procedure that allows us to check the correctness of the booster functioning.

Now let’s move on to the GSM, 3G, 4G mobile signal booster review and analyze what elements are included in a standard kit of this model.

gsm signal booster review

LCD250-GSM+4G set includes:

  • A booster box with an LCD screen 
  • An indoor ceiling antenna + a whip antenna
  • Two coaxial cables (5 m and 20 m)
  • All necessary mountings
  • An adapter for European sockets (or a power supply that will be suitable for your country)

In the box with your order, you will also find another very important thing. It will be a manual that contains all the necessary information about the use of your booster and its installation.

How to install LCD250-GSM+4G

Now let’s have a look at the process of assembling the booster. We offer to start with connecting an outdoor antenna to a repeater box. It should be done with the help of a longer coaxial cable as the antenna will be later installed on the roof or somewhere outside near the window. This antenna will catch the mobile signal and transmit it to the booster box.

3g signal booster review

The next thing that you should do is to take the whip antenna that will improve and send the signal to mobile devices. Connect it directly to the booster.

4g signal booster review

Now that’s the turn of our ceiling antenna. It will be connected to the repeater with the help of the second cable that is 5 m long.

mobile signal booster review

After these simple steps are fulfilled, you can switch on the device using a power supply. On the screen of the booster you will see some important data, including tips that will guide you in the process of fixing the antennas at their places.

mobile signal booster review

Usually, the installation process takes nearly 15 minutes even if you are dealing with it completely alone.

After all the elements are mounted and the booster is switched on, you will see amazing results in a couple of seconds.

Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G: Benefits

  • Universal solution (GSM, 3G and 4G signals can be improved at once)
  • A booster box with an LCD screen that shows a lot of important info for a user (installation tips, network data, signal power, etc.)
  • Modern design
  • Support of multiple mobile connections at the same time
  • Easy installation 
  • Stable functioning
  • Automatic signal level control
  • Energy efficiency (sleep mode)
  • Possibility to use additional accessories to ensure better coverage if needed

Let’s listen to our clients who have already bought Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

The popularity of this model is quite explainable. First of all, the device has a very good coverage which means that the booster can be installed at private properties as well as at public places of different types. Secondly, the booster is able to solve all your signal issues simultaneously.

But we believe that to make a decision related to such a purchase as a booster, you should also find out what users of this device can say about it.

For example, Edgar Richards, from Reading, United Kingdom, bought this model to install it in the office. The work of the team presupposes close communication with clients. And as Edgar described, it was very disappointing to see that even loyal clients were ready to replace them with a new service provider due to the fact that they simply couldn’t reach the team via messengers. But LCD250-GSM+4G has changed everything. “It arrived in less than a week and we had absolutely no problems with its installation. Now everything is perfect with our mobile internet and communication with clients!” wrote Edgar.

Ella Boe from Denmark also ordered this model but unlike Mr.Richards, she wanted to install this device in her house. Her family suffered from poor GSM connection and serious problems with their TDC 4G signal. It was practically impossible to communicate with family and friends as well as to work from home due to connection issues. “We ordered LCD250-GSM+4G with a view to improving our GSM and 4G signals. And we have achieved our goal!”concluded Ella.

As for other users of this model, the majority of them give this booster a 5-star rate. They praise this booster for its stable functioning, simple installation and compact size.

So, we hope that this GSM, 3G, 4G mobile booster review will be useful for you. But if you have questions related to this or any other device available on our website, please, contact us and we will help you to improve your communication.

Discount phone signal booster Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G
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Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

2 Band Calls 4G/LTE 3G
Coverage: 2700 ft²