Vox mobile signal booster in Paraguay

Vox signal booster

Paraguay is a country with a extended mobile network services and proper signal extending throughout all megapolises and country-side. The list of cellular providers in Paraguay is represented by 4 large-scale cell phone operators: Claro, Tigo, Vox, Personal. All the mobile operators of the country supply cellular services exploiting different signal distribution methods — cdma, 4g.

MyAmplifiers has got a vast selection of mobile repeaters for Paraguay, including 101 booster models for Vox. All the mentioned cell phone repeaters vary by frequency bands they function on, in coverage distance and in the signal type they boost — phone calls, 3G mobile Internet, 4G connection or all-in-one. The leaders in Paraguay for the mobile service operator Vox are the following cell phone signal amplifiers: LCD-130, LCD-300GW, NS-250GDW, NS200-GSM+4G. The beginning rate for Vox cell phone repeaters is 159 €.

As it was said before, our company offers amplifiers sets appropriate for Vox, Paraguay. To see the best cell phone signal repeater conforming with your demands, utilize Search form, or Contact us to acquire skilled and accurate support.


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Vox phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+3G+4G for Paraguay
customers' choice
2700 ft2
Vox phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+4G for Paraguay
2700 ft2
Vox cell phone amplifier Nikrans LCD-250AWS for Paraguay
2700 ft2
Vox phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-150-4G for Paraguay
1700 ft2
Vox phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250-4G for Paraguay
2700 ft2
Vox mobile signal booster Nikrans MA-150C for Paraguay
1700 ft2

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Note: information on Vox frequencies is taken from public sources. MyAmplifiers.com thoroughly monitors its relevance and guarantees 97% accuracy. However, if you have any doubts concerning the compatibility of a specific booster model with Vox frequencies in your region, please, contact our managers.

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