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IT&E signal booster

If your mobile phone receives only IT&E bad signal in your house, it’s a good reason to install IT&E signal repeater!

In spite of the fact that the market of mobile communications services in Guam is really small, it can pleasantly surprise you with its high level of competitiveness. Though there are not so many mobile services subscribers, we should not forget that the general population of Guam is also very small in our understanding. The high level of mobile services development is supported by the competition of local mobile services providers striving for widening their client bases. The quality of calls and mobile internet in Guam is noted not only by local residents but also by those who turn to roaming services on the island.


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IT&E phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250C+3G+4G for Guam
customers' choice
2700 ft2
Docomo phone signal booster GTA phone signal booster IT&E phone signal booster iConnect phone signal booster
IT&E phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-150-4G for Guam
1700 ft2
Docomo phone signal booster GTA phone signal booster IT&E phone signal booster iConnect phone signal booster
IT&E phone signal booster Nikrans LCD-250-4G for Guam
2700 ft2
Docomo phone signal booster GTA phone signal booster IT&E phone signal booster iConnect phone signal booster
IT&E cell phone amplifier Nikrans LCD-250AWS for Guam
2700 ft2
Docomo cell phone amplifier GTA cell phone amplifier IT&E cell phone amplifier iConnect cell phone amplifier

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There are several key companies (Docomo, IT&E, iConnect, GTA) that provide telecommunications services, including mobile ones, IT&E company is one of them. Moreover, it has won a position of the largest company in this industry in Guam. It has also gained a reputation of the company offering the most reliable calls and fastest mobile internet services. Currently, the most widely used mobile network standard is CDMA, but GSM services including 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks are provided as well. Frequency band used for 4G mobile signal is 700 MHz.

IT&E offers its subscribers various mobile plans and provides them with a choice of payment opportunities. Its clients can choose whether for them it will be more appropriate to pay for their mobile plans beforehand, or in other words, they can opt for prepaid plans, or whether it will be more comfortable for them to “pay-as-they-use”, it means they are able to choose postpaid mobile plans. IT&E mobile coverage is extended practically across the whole territory of the island which is possible thanks to a well-developed cell towers network built by IT&E.Nevertheless, you should understand that mobile signal can be distributed over the area of its coverage absolutely equally. There can be some zones of poorer reception. And this principle works regarding every mobile services provider on our planet. And, of course, it is applicable to IT&E as well. IT&E mobile signal issues that are a result of IT&E bad signal can be noticed in different places, including your house or office. Among the most popular reasons for IT&E mobile signal problems are natural and infrastructural peculiarities. But unfortunately, the influence of these factors is difficult or even impossible to predict.

IT&E poor reception can become a real problem, especially if you are an active user of mobile voice and data exchange services. But this obstacle can be easily eliminated with the help of mobile phone signal boosters IT&E that are aimed precisely at improving IT&E weak mobile signal. It is just required to place IT&E network signal booster in your office or house, or somewhere else where your mobile communication is spoilt by bad mobile reception and switch it on. IT&E signal booster for home always has two antennas and IT&E signal booster box. But still it is a very compact device that can be installed wherever you wish without causing any inconveniences. IT&E signal repeaters are 100% safe and reliable.

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