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A cell phone signal booster is an effective solution to any kind of signal problems all over Nigeria. As soon as you install a mobile signal booster, you will notice that the quality of mobile connection improves and there are no more signal issues. The installation is simple; the operating is almost unnoticeable. Choose your top repeater for home, office, car, or boat to ensure stable connection in Nigeria. Choose your provider
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Hi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal Boosters Get Perfect Phone Calls, 5G and 4G In Your House, Office and Car

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Let experts take care of choosing ideal cell phone booster by your needs. And enjoy stable mobile coverage, high-speed Internet connection and convenient phone communication in your place!

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MTN signal repeaters Glo Mobile signal repeaters Airtel signal repeaters 9mobile signal repeaters NTel signal repeaters Smile signal repeaters

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Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

I am really happy that I decided to order a booster on Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, we have taken a decision to stay at home. But of course, in our case self-isolation could have presupposed full isolation from the whole world as the quality of our mobile signal at home used to leave much to desire.

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

Yes, I am one of those who have been enforced to work from home due to all these risks related to the coronavirus outbreak. To tell the truth, I had noticed the problems with my mobile signal long before the quarantine was announced. But earlier, it was not very important for me.

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Having to overcome signal problems and boost mobile network in Nigeria?

Having to overcome signal problems and boost mobile network in Nigeria?

The first task, after choosing a mobile device, is to take the necessary step in favor of any Nigeria operator. Due to the wide distribution of communication services, there have appeared Numerous networks in the country, such as MTN, Globacom, Airtel and 9Mobile. Each one has its own flair. Rates and quality are noticeably different.

You need to build on individual characteristics, such as the need to call in your region, the ability to connect with other countries, frequent use of the Internet and other specific telephony features. The task of the operators is different, i.e. to connect the maximum number of customers through promotions and offers.

The user is interested in quality service and cost savings on the service. Aspects depend on who provides the fare options. There are several mobile operators in Nigeria, and almost all of them face signal issues. It must be said that there are external factors that affect the quality of communication, such as thick concrete walls, high location or basement location, obstacles on the way of the signal, etc. Fortunately, there is a wonderful device designed by experts in signal amplification for improving poor coverage. Its name is a cell phone signal booster.

A signal booster is advanced equipment used for amplifying insufficient reception in rural and urban areas in Nigeria. The boosting system usually consists of three main elements, i.e. an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, and a repeater box. Each element has its own function. The standard kit also includes all the necessary fittings and coaxial cables of high quality. The installation is described in the installation manual which is included in the standard kit. What is more, there are lots of detailed videos on Youtube, and finally, you can contact our support team whenever you need help and consultation.

What should you start with? Just define the area which you need to cover with an improved signal and make up your mind on the type of signal you need to improve. Whether you would like to improve GSM only, or 3G/4G as well. Based on this information we will find the best fit for you.

Can you use a booster for more than one operator?

The answer is yes. Most Nigerian operators use almost the same frequency to broadcast their signal at. Therefore, you can use any 900 MHz amplifier by Nikrans to boost mobile signal in your house.

What booster to choose if you have troubles with 3G connection.

GSM amplifiers won’t help you because the frequency is completely different, but instead, we have a wide variety of special 3G repeaters to boost mobile signal in any circumstances you need.

3G marine signal booster Nikrans NS-GDW-L-Boats

Nikrans NS-GDW-L-Boats is an advanced triband mobile signal booster for boats. It can be used both for the amplification of voice communication and 3G, since it supports three frequencies - GSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and 3G 2100MHz. The indoor coverage capacity of the model is 32000 ft² (3000 m²), so it can be used in large yachts and ships. The signal booster is able to catch signal at a distance of up to 40 km from the land thanks to a powerful omnidirectional outdoor antenna. The standard kit includes only one antenna, but to get a better result you can additionally connect three antennas. With Nikrans NS-GDW-L-Boats your signal offshore will be always stable and strong.

cell phone booster
Hi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal Boosters
Calls · 3G · Coverage: 2000 m²
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

Despite modern technical support, signal issues may arise both in metropolitan areas and small settlements. Regular installation of new stationary bases, stations, towers noticeably reduces this problem, but does not completely solve it, because the reason may not depend on the operator or be in your device.

Often the signal strength differs in a certain part of the settlement. This is due to the presence of obstacles in its path, and also due to the remoteness from the station. You can highlight the most problematic places, where the mobile phone fails to catch a signal:

  • significant distance from the cell tower, base station;
  • basement premises;
  • underpasses, parking lots, and other lowlands;
  • high buildings;
  • air temperature with high humidity;
  • thick steam and fog;
  • dense forests, parks;
  • ‘blind’ zones.

An external factor is not always to blame, sometimes the smartphone itself becomes the reason for poor reception. If you want to check the signal level and find the reasons for signal issues, just check whether the coverage is equally bad in different places. If so, then the problem is in the mobile device itself. The second way to find out whether you need to change your mobile phone or not is to make a call from different devices. If you have issues even when you speak on different smartphones from the same place, you definitely need to find ways how to improve mobile network.

Having carried out a simple diagnosis, having determined that the device is normal, a repeater can be used to amplify the signal. A cell phone signal booster is one of the best solutions when there are problems with cellular connection.

You can use this device to improve signal at home or in the office. There are also car boosters for people who spend much time driving, and boosters for boats for those who love marine trips, especially who live near the Gulf of Guinea. All models have more or less the same working principle and the same contents of the standard installation kit. You can buy a kit for self-assembly, having previously familiarized yourself with the technical side. If any issues will arise during the installation of the functioning of the device, feel free to contact our support team. MyAmplifiers team would be glad to help you solve any problems and will eagerly provide any necessary information on the models on sale, their major features and peculiarities.

During the installation you should bear in mind that the quality of the final connection depends on several parameters. For example, an external antenna should be mounted as high as possible on the façade or roof area. The indoor antenna is placed inside the building. A power supply is installed near the outlet.

People choose MyAmplifiers for our quick delivery, caring service with professional technical support and a wide range of devices available at reasonable prices. For example, you can buy a signal booster for amplifying only GSM, or you can select a model that simultaneously improves calls and 3G/4G/LTE.

At MyAmplifiers you can pick up a mobile signal booster for amplifying signal at a small office. Building business in the 21st century is almost impossible without a stable mobile communication with your partners and customers.

The Nigerian mobile operator market continues to be one of the most dynamic in Africa. The segment is dominated by MTN and Glo Mobile, but recent market changes are allowing other players such as Airtel Mobile and 9mobile to increase their market share.

MTN continues to set new records and grow its subscriber base with its strategy to promote 4G and 5G services. Glo Mobile is also actively expanding its market presence by launching new products and services in collaboration with international partners. AS for 9mobile, it has released new data plans to keep its appeal in the competitive market.

Whatever network you choose, bear in mind that not a single operator in Nigeria is immune from problems with mobile communications. Therefore, having a signal booster at home or in the office is always a good idea. 

MyAmplifiers offers full-set kits ready for installation. We provide a wide range of accessories for mounting, various fittings, etc. The coaxial cables for the connection of the antennas to the booster box are also included. The quality of the cables and other elements of the amplifying system is high and corresponds to the established international standards. All elements are absolutely user-friendly and don’t do harm to people and environment.

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Customer Stories

Boosting mobile signal Glo Mobile resolves all mobile coverage problems
Boosting mobile signal Glo Mobile resolves all mobile coverage problems

Kenny Flatari
(Nigeria, Kaduna)

That's how we managed to boost phone signal in our farm
That's how we managed to boost phone signal in our farm

Grace Lipede
(Nigeria, Lafiagi)

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