Hi! My name is Marko and I'm from Italy. Hope you will give me some piece of advice on improving cellular signal. It happened so that I've moved to the village near the Naples and now I live in a cottage there. Everything is cool except 3g signal, internet is just disgusting! So, will 900 MHz GSM repeater help in my situation?

Hello, Marko! Glad to meet you! You were right asking for help here at MyAmplifiers.com! First of all, let us introduce you a range of 3G repeaters. In some areas 3G signal is transmitted at 900 Mhz. However, its main frequesncy is still 2100 Mhz. So, it will be ideal to install a booster model that supports these both frequencies.

All 3g signal repeaters are made in various modifications according to coverage range. Our 3G repeater model Nikrans NS-150GW is manufactured to increase weak signals in small buildings, houses, offices, garages and any other places up to 150 m2. So this type of 3G repeaters will be suitable for overwhelming majority of small houses. LCD-500GW and NS-500GW boosters are effective in increasing 3G connections in the places up to 500 m2 and will be helpful for big house owners. If the area of the house is really large have a look at Nikrans NS1100GW, it covers up to 1000m2.

If you have to drive for work to Naples and need to amplify 3G signal on the go – Nikrans 3G booster for vehicles suits you perfectly. Anytime and anywhere you go by vehicle this small and compact device stabilizes the quality 3G signal.

When choosing a booster also pay special attention to the signal outside your cottage. If the area of the house is quite limited but 3G signal out of the house even in high points leaves much to be desired (1-2 bars), choose a more powerful model.

After ordering a repeater you don't need to pay for anything more. The kit includes everything for proper installation and effective work of the repeater – two antennas (indoor and outdoor), a cable, a user's manual, a power supply and a repeater.

If you need to improve the quality of GSM signal for voice in your house, these models work well with all European operators and are perfect devices for amplifying weak GSM signal at 900 MHz. Thus, you will not have to buy an additional GSM repeater.

Good luck and enjoy 3G with our repeaters!