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Cell phone signal boosters in Hungary

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Hi-tech GSM, 3G and 4G Signal Boosters Get Perfect Phone Calls, 3G and 4G In Your House, Office and Car

Let experts take care of choosing ideal cell phone booster by your needs. And enjoy stable mobile coverage, high-speed Internet connection and convenient phone communication in your place!

We have 100+ models. Find yours.

Get comfortable voice and Internet connection in your house, working place or car.

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Enjoy Stable Mobile Connection in Hungary

Let’s admit that today we can’t imagine our world without cell phones. Sometimes it looks like we are really addicted to them. But it is quite explicable: we use them to make calls, surf the net, watch videos, send messages, check inbox and to do many other things. But sometimes poor signal can spoil everything.

But do not panic if you have faced with a cell signal problem in Hungary. An appropriate cell phone signal booster will solve it without any difficulties. Install such a device in your house or office and don’t even think about all problems with your signal you used to have. Want to forget about your signal issue in Hungary? Now you know what you need to do.

Pay Attention to Details

It is important to choose the right model of a device that will boost mobile signal in your house or office. Please, bear in mind that various amplifiers work at different frequency bands and take this peculiarity into consideration while making choice.

Problems with Mobile Internet?

On our website you will find devices that boost mobile signal of different types. It means that some models can improve not only voice services but data exchange as well. Just choose a booster that works with 3G or 4G/LTE signal and enjoy!

Excellent Quality and Amazing Power to boost mobile signal reception

LCD-500GDW is a good choice for those who need a booster to improve more than one signal type. This cell phone signal booster can improve GSM, 3G and 4G signals simultaneously. Ordering such an amplifier, you don’t need to buy any additional elements. All the necessary components including cables will be sent to you. Moreover, it is absolutely easy to install it. The entire installation procedure won’t take more than 20 minutes.
--TRANSLATE THIS(Mobile Phone Signal Boosters)--

cell phone amplifier LCD-500GDW

for Hungary

Indoor coverage: 500 m²
Calls 3G 4G/LTE
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

MyAmplifiers guarantees the great quality of the signal boosters that are distributed around the world. We are chary of our reputation and constantly monitor the manufacturing process to ensure its continuity.

★★★★★ Rated 4.7/5 based on 44 ratings

Customer Stories

Vodafone booster box for signal problems interfering wit business communication.

Undoubtedly, NS500-GSM+4G-PRO is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I bought it to improve Vodafone poor reception in my new office. Everything started just a few months ago when a friend of mine offered me to rent an office in Budapest. Actually we had just started our own business and we couldn’t afford to pay much for the rent, therefore we decided to find some office in the suburban regions of the city.

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NS-150GW is super efficient for our working place.
NS-150GW is super efficient for our working place.

Petra Gajszky (Hungary, Székesfehérvár)

Our business started going much better, and we are now able to work more qualitatively and receive more orders, since our connection is not breaking off all of a sudden at any unexpected moment. That is exactly what we wanted, and we can’t thank MyAmplifiers enough for helping us, and also for their outstanding service!

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I had to constantly struggle with Magyar Telekom signal problems in my café. And only signal cell phone booster helped us.

Another important thing for me was the fact that this signal booster does not emit any radiation and is all-in-all not dangerous for your health. Even though I was buying it for a café and not for a place where all my family lives, it still was an important point for me. The signal booster from MyAmplifiers has various certificates that prove its safety. That’s great!

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