Stay connected amid Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Are you also one of those who are fed up with the news about the coronavirus outbreak? If yes, welcome to the club. However, it doesn’t matter whether you want it or not but the COVID-19 will definitely affect practically any person on this planet. Please, do not think that we want to say that we all be infected. No! But today, when more and more governments take quarantine measures and companies insist on remote work, it is definitely that you have high chances to be made work from home.

And while for someone who is accustomed to working distantly, nothing changes, for others, it is a completely new world which may bring new challenges. And we are speaking not only a desire to make stock to be prepared for the quarantine but about the issues related to poor mobile network signals,

Yes, problems with the bad signal at home are always very irritating. But when you spend there 24 hours per day 7 days per week and, moreover, have to perform your job responsibilities…Of course, such a situation may seem to be a disaster. However, no panic, please! We know what will help you.

Mobile signal booster is your helper amid coronavirus quarantine (and not only)

If you have poor mobile reception at home, it is absolutely clear that it will be very difficult (or maybe fully impossible) to work from home. Moreover, without a good mobile internet, it will be rather challenging not only to work but also to relax watching funny videos or looking through another portion of fresh coronavirus memes.

In such a case, it means that before going to full self-isolation you need to buy not only food, drinks and toilet paper (if it is still left in your city) but also to order a nice network booster.

Never heard about it? Do not worry, we will easily explain it just in a few sentences. As you know, your mobile operator sends the signal to its subscribers from cell towers. Unfortunately, sometimes the distance between your house and the nearest cell tower is too large. As a result, the signal may be too low, unstable or even absent. Quite often people living in rural areas face such issues.

But the range of factors influencing the power of your signal is very wide. So, it is often rather difficult to detect them. However, the working principle of a mobile signal booster is always the same:

  1. Its sensitive outdoor antenna catches the signal.
  2. The signal is sent to a booster box where it is strengthened.
  3. The signal is sent to an indoor antenna which transmits the signal over the coverage area.

Each amplifier has only 3 main elements that should be connected with cables. It is absolutely simple to install it following the guide that you will receive with your order. Our clients regularly tell us that they can easily install their network boosters without any external help.

What boosters can you buy today?

The range of devices that we can offer is really impressive. First of all, different devices are intended for strengthening different types of signals.

For example, you can buy:

Discount 4.9/5 — 136 Reviews Coverage: 300 m² Calls 3G 4G/LTE
4.9/5 — 77 Reviews Coverage: 250 m² Calls 3G 4G/LTE

If your mobile internet connection is stable but you can’t make and receive calls, there are devices to boost the GSM signal only.

Also, please your attention that our boosters have different coverage. There are boosters for small flats as well as for huge cottages.

Why should you buy a network booster while coronavirus is spreading across the globe?

  1. A good connection is just what you need to work from home. By the way, many of our clients have been successfully doing it for many years already.
  2. With stable mobile internet, you can communicate with friends and relatives via video calls while you need to stay self-isolated.
  3. When the coronavirus outbreak will be over, you still will enjoy an excellent connection at home.
  4. A courier will deliver your signal booster to your doorbell, so you even do not need to leave the house.

In any case, we wish you good health, strong nerves, and patience! Take care of yourselves, do not panic and enjoy the excellent mobile connection with our network boosters even amid the coronavirus outbreak. Just bear in your mind that it’s only COVID-19 and not the end of the world.