iPhone Signal Booster Tips 2021 - Beginner's Guide

Who doesn't love to enjoy surfing the web or chit-chating with their friends without having to experience buffering or network lagging? But that's not the case all the time. Sometimes or even oftentimes we receive slow or no network reception in some places which is very very annoying. If you don't have good enough signal strength, then you also have to face huge inconveniences if you have to make important calls or send important messages. So, what should you do?

We all rely on our iPhones to give us strong and reliable network connection so why not boost your iPhone's signal? In this article we will be discussing iPhone signal booster tips from scratch with detailed step by step instructions. So, let's begin.

Why do you face weak signal on your iPhone?

There can be multiplie reasons for experiencing bad cell coverage on your iPhone. The most probable causes can be:

  • Your location - If you are too far away from the nearest signal source or the mobile tower then your iPhone might fail to find signal.
  • Signal blockers - There are many types of signal blockers in your home like concrete, steel, bricks, your wiring og house and even drywall and low-emitting coated glass windows.
  • Population - If you live in a highly populated area then you will face much inconveniences because of high network traffic.
  • Natural causes - Mountains, vegetation, bad weather can also affect iPhone signal strength.
  • Neighbourhood - If you live in a place which is surrounded by many multi-storey buildings then they might also be blocking the sigbal from reaching your iPhone.

Signal issues with some iPhone models

iPhone X and iPhone XS

Many people have been complaining about signal issues with iOS 12 where previously there was no problem. But don't worry, we have some tips for you.

First you can turn on Airplane mode in your iPhone and restart your phone. Try checking your connection as soon as your phone turns on.

Another tip is to reset your iPhone X network settings by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This process will restore your phone's network and hopefully improve your network strength.

iPhone 8

If you want to make your iPhone signal strength better, you can restart your phone and simply or you can also try out the airplane mode method mentioned above. If that doesn't work, try removing and reinserting your phone's SIM card.

iPhone 7

Lots of different problems like account issues, hardware and software problems can contribute to your iPhone 7's slow network speed. You can try thr troubleshooting tips mentioned above to improve your iPhone's signal strength.

Simple ways to get better signal on your iPhone

Now let's come to the real topic of this article. It's time to discuss the latest and super effective iPhone signal booster tips.

Signal map your home/apartment/workspace

Now this is a very simple yet super convenient process to find the best network coverage spots in your place of living. Signal mapping allows you to find one or more spots that gives your phone better reception. So, just grab your iPhone and a pen and paper and start mapping

  • First put your mode in field test mode so you can view the incoming signal strengths in decibels(dBm).
  • Go into each room if your home or appartment and note down the dBm reading displayed on your iPhone. If you have large rooms in your home then you also might move across different areas in a room to find the best network coverage.
  • Whenever you move from one room to another it might take your phone some time to updating the new dBm reading.
  • You can force a faster signal update by putting your iPhone into Airplane Mode for a few seconds once you move to the new location. Then turn off Airplane Mode, and the updated dBm reading should display.

Once your signal map is complete you can find the best signal spot in your home or appartment. Then you can just grab a chair or something and sit on the spot while you are doing important work on your iPhone.

Try Wi-fi calling

This is a great method out of all the other iPhone signal booster tips but this method is only applicable to people who have access to a very fast Wi-Fi network. Nowadays almost all popular social media apps gives you features like Wi-Fi calling and texting. A good Wi-fi network can be an ideal substitute for cellular network. Or you can also try a cell phone repeater which gives you good network coverage as well as even saving your iPhone battery. How? Check out this article.

Try a Femtocell

Suppose you have very very very poor signal strength in your iPhone. So you can convince your carrier that your coverage is unacceptable. Of they are convinced, they can provide you with s Femtocell or Microcell. They work like a small network tower giving you a very localized cell signal.

But before you get one for yourself there are some disadvantages which you might consider. They can't work in a vehicle and they work with only devices which are synched with them along with some more disadvantages. You should read everything carefully first and analyse the pros and cons.

Switch cell phone carriers

Switching cell phone carriers might give you a better network strength but that's not the case always. After all the last thing you want to do is to exchange your poor connection with a worse connection. You can ask your friends or family members who use different carriers to make a call or browse the internet for some time in your living space. After that, you can determine should you switch carriers or not. Take in mind that you might have to spend some money for switching carriers.

Use an iPhone Signal Booster

If you have low network coverage, then you might consider buying a signal booster. Signal boosters enhance your internet speed and allows you to send messages and make calls at a faster pace. They are not very expensive and they can work at your home, vehicle or anywhere else. You just need to install them for one time and you can get a signal boost for as long as you want. Try out our signal booster by clicking here.

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