Stelladoradus Mobile Repeaters

If you have ever faced the problem of weak mobile signal, you must have seen that telecommunication market offers mobile repeater systems of different brands. One of the most popular repeater brands in the European Union is Stelladoradus.

Stelladoradus is a young brand headquartered in Ireland, Waterford. There specialists develop and manufacture their own mobile repeaters with unique design. Every Stelladoradus mobile repeater passes rigorous testing before shipping for ensuring high quality and compatibility of the product to international standards.

MyAmplifiers cooperates with lots of suppliers around the world, so we can easily arrange delivery of mobile repeater of Anytone, Huaptec, Stelladoradus and other brands to your home directly.

All mobile repeaters at MyAmplifiers have CE and RoHS certification and are absolutely safe to use in your living place or working premises. We also ship to every country of the world.

MyAmplifiers team is ready to suggest you full range of mobile repeaters from basic models for 100m2 up to professional solutions for 3000m2. Our repeaters are compatible with mobile providers worldwide - just select the suitable model. For that you can contact us directly or use an automated search below.

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