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Still looking for the best solution for your signal issues in South Africa? You’ve just found it! A signal booster that will help to increase the power of your mobile connection is exactly what you need. You can buy such a device for your home, office, car, or boat and enjoy stable GSM, 4G, and 3G signals. Choose your provider
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Rain signal repeaters Vodacom signal repeaters MTN signal repeaters Cell C signal repeaters Telkom Mobile signal repeaters Virgin Mobile signal repeaters

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Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

I am really happy that I decided to order a booster on Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, we have taken a decision to stay at home. But of course, in our case self-isolation could have presupposed full isolation from the whole world as the quality of our mobile signal at home used to leave much to desire.

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

Yes, I am one of those who have been enforced to work from home due to all these risks related to the coronavirus outbreak. To tell the truth, I had noticed the problems with my mobile signal long before the quarantine was announced. But earlier, it was not very important for me.

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How a network signal booster can help you to overcome your connection issues

How a network signal booster can help you to overcome your connection issues

A signal booster for mobile phones is a good solution for all types of signal problems caused by poor signal reception. It doesn’t matter whether your signal is unstable due to landscape peculiarities or the characteristics of the building materials that can act as a barrier for your signal and prevent it from reaching your mobile devices located indoors. The main idea here is that the antennas of signal boosters are very sensitive and they can catch even the lowest signal transmitted by your operator which is an impossible task for your smartphones.

On our website, you can find a great variety of different models. They have various functionality and different coverage. Nevertheless, their configuration is always practically the same. You can take an LTE signal booster or any GSM signal booster for sale and you will see that they will look really similar.

Each device has three key elements: an outdoor antenna, a booster box, and an indoor antenna. Depending on the exact model under consideration, the number of indoor antennas can differ. There are powerful models with two or three indoor antennas which help to send the signal across wide inside areas.

An outdoor antenna should receive the signal from your carrier. To make sure that it will be able to do it regardless of any external factors, it is recommended to place it on the roof where the signal power will be the strongest. If it is not possible, at least you should find a place with the best reception possible in your situation.

A booster box (that looks like a traditional router) should be installed inside. Usually, people place it somewhere on the table or hide it somewhere in the corner of the room. But do not forget that this element should be connected to both antennas with coaxial cables.

It is also important to understand how to fix an indoor antenna. First of all, you need to pay attention to the exact type of antenna that you have as the installation principle will depend on it. And secondly, it is vital to bear in mind the necessity to ensure a 10-meter vertical distance between your indoor and outdoor antennas.

Powerful tri-band signal booster Nikrans LCD-500GDW for calls and internet

If you are looking for a good repeater that will be able to improve the quality of GSM, 4G, and 3G signals simultaneously, LCD-500GDW can become an appropriate choice. This booster can spread the strengthened signal over the inside area of up to 500 m². That’s why you can install it in office buildings, shopping malls, gyms, and other public locations so that all visitors and employees will be able to enjoy the stabilized connection.

This device has an LCD display which will help you to track the state of the network in real time.

cell phone booster
NEW Hi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal Boosters
Calls · 4G/LTE · 3G · Coverage: 500 m²
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

Today the competition in the signal booster market is rather tough. If you start looking for an online store where you can order a GSM, 4G/LTE and/or 3G booster, you will see that there are a lot of companies that are ready to provide such products. But can you be fully sure that you will find a fair seller who offers only high-quality and safe devices? Unfortunately, nobody is protected from such mistakes. However, at MyAmplifiers we can guarantee that you won’t regret choosing us and ordering a cell phone signal booster for phone on our website. 

Over the years of work, we’ve managed to build an awesome reputation as a fully reliable company that sells exclusively effective devices that are 100% safe for your health and environment. Our clients recommend their friends and relatives to solve their mobile signal problems in South Africa with the help of our devices and that’s the strongest proof for us that we’ve chosen the right approach to doing business.

What makes MyAmplifiers stand out from the row of numerous competitors?

  • Only the best devices.
    Our engineers are continuously working on the improvement of our devices. Moreover, all our boosters are going through a number of professional tests conducted in professional laboratories in order to make sure that everything functions as it is supposed to and that each model will perfectly fulfill all the set tasks, and that our clients won’t be disappointed.
  • The most attractive prices.
    The financial side always plays a very important role in the customer decision-making process. That’s why we are doing our best to adjust our pricing policy to the ongoing market conditions and to the expectations of our clients. Even during the most challenging economic periods, we try to make sure that we have affordable options for people with different budgets.
  • Fast delivery.
    When you buy a repeater on our website, you do not need to wait for your delivery for ages, you can expect to get it in 3-7 business days. We cooperate only with the most reliable courier services to be sure that your booster will be safe and will be delivered as soon as possible.
  • 3-year warranty.
    All our customers get a 3-year warranty on all the devices ordered on our website.
  • Excellent choice.
    In our online catalogue, you can find a lot of network signal boosters intended for solving different types of cell signal issues in South Africa. There are boosters for calls (GSM) and mobile internet (4G and 3G). Moreover, you can also buy a repeater that is intended for enhancing the quality of several types of signals at the same time. Our boosters can be installed not only in houses and office buildings. There are also special devices designed to be installed on boats and vehicles, including vans, buses, and cars. To make your search more convenient, we offer a filter-based system on our website.

Among our clients in South Africa, there are a lot of people who buy cell phone signal boosters not only for their houses or flats but also for their offices and other locations. Unfortunately, the state of telecommunication services is not the best one, especially in rural areas where the number of cell towers managed by local operators is not sufficient. The situation in cities and towns is better. However, issues with connection are still possible, especially in those flats and offices that are located on the ground or, vice versa, on top floors of high buildings.

Moreover, a lot of companies and households regularly suffer from power outages. As a result, operators need to heavily invest in innovative solutions that could allow them to continuously transmit their signals regardless of external factors.


Though the operators in South Africa are working hard, the country still has a lot to do to ensure access to advanced telecommunication services for all its citizens. 

One of the latest moves in this direction was done by Vodacom which established a partnership with Starlink and AST SpaceMobile for gaining the possibility to use Low Earth Orbit satellite services.

At the same time, operators regularly face issues caused by power cuts. To cope with these problems, MTN invested $84M to make it possible for its network to continue functioning even during power outages.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s mobile data-only network Rain is going to expand its services and launch a full range of cell services already in 2023.

How to find the right cables for your cell phone signal booster?

When you buy a signal booster on our website, you always get a full kit. What does it mean? It means that all the necessary elements, mountings, and fixings will be already included in the kit and you won’t need to think about them. Nevertheless, when you customize your booster with any extra elements like additional indoor antennas, you will need to buy more cables as well. Please pay attention that your portable mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, do not need to be connected to a booster with cables. Cables will be required only for the elements of your repeater kit.

It is very important to choose the correct length of the cable. Though some people believe that the longer cable they have, the better, this idea is incorrect. When your cables are too long, the quality of the transmitted signal will be lost. The recommended length for inside antennas is around 15-20 meters (for the most powerful boosters) and 5-10 meters (for smaller ones). When you are looking for a cable for your outside antenna, it can be around 15-30 meters (for powerful models) and 15-20 meters (for boosters with smaller coverage).

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Customer Stories

Vodacom signal problems used to appear while driving.
Vodacom signal problems used to appear while driving.

Armand Oosthuizen
(South Africa)

Just one signal amplifier can help you to overcome Vodacom signal problems.
Just one signal amplifier can help you to overcome Vodacom signal problems.

Eugene Geerling
(South Africa, Paarl)

It is really wonderful that we could improve mobile phone signal indoors!
It is really wonderful that we could improve mobile phone signal indoors!

Anne-Lyse Viljoen
(South Africa, Ceres)

Excellent device, excellent service to overcome MTN weak cell phone signal!
Excellent device, excellent service to overcome MTN weak cell phone signal!

Mary Heusen
(South Africa, Stanford)

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