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Mobile signal issues still remain to be a quite serious problem for many people in Singapore. Nevertheless, with a good GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G cell phone signal booster these issues can be easily resolved. On our website, you can find a reliable repeater for your home, office, car, or boat that will efficiently increase the power of your signal and ensure a stable connection without any interruptions. Do not hesitate to contact our team, in case you have any questions about the process of selecting or ordering a mobile signal booster. Choose your provider
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Let experts take care of choosing ideal cell phone booster by your needs. And enjoy stable mobile coverage, high-speed Internet connection and convenient phone communication in your place!

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Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

I am really happy that I decided to order a booster on Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, we have taken a decision to stay at home. But of course, in our case self-isolation could have presupposed full isolation from the whole world as the quality of our mobile signal at home used to leave much to desire.

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

Yes, I am one of those who have been enforced to work from home due to all these risks related to the coronavirus outbreak. To tell the truth, I had noticed the problems with my mobile signal long before the quarantine was announced. But earlier, it was not very important for me.

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Is a mobile signal booster a good choice for you?

Is a mobile signal booster a good choice for you?

Despite the fact that a high-quality cell phone signal booster is definitely one of the best solutions that can be found for dealing with connection issues in Singapore, a lot of people are afraid of ordering this device. The reasons for their fears are quite clear from the perspective of a user. They have never seen a mobile booster before and they are not sure whether they will be able to easily install and further use it. But when it comes to the devices that you can order on our website, there is nothing to worry about.

When you buy a mobile signal booster Singapore at MyAmplifiers, you can be sure that you will get a detailed User manual with all the necessary tips and recommendations that will make the entire installation process absolutely simple. Moreover, on our website, we have a lot of valuable information that will help to facilitate your interaction with your repeater.

Though there are a lot of different models for your home, office, car, and boat, the general configuration is always the same.

Each signal booster has two antennas. You may ask us why two similar elements are required and why it won’t be enough to have only one. Here, it is vital to understand that these two antennas are different and they have different tasks. While one antenna of your mobile booster is responsible for catching the signal from your carrier, the second one will have the task to send the amplified signal to your mobile devices located in the coverage area of the booster. As you can guess, the first antenna is designed in such a way that presupposes that it will be installed outdoors. The second antenna should be placed indoors. The exact principles of its installation may differ and will depend on the type of antenna that your cell phone signal booster may have.

The third important element is a booster box. It is also intended for being installed indoors.

All elements should be connected. It can be done with the help of coaxial cables that are also always included in mobile booster sets that can be ordered on our website.

Find the Right Variant

If you don’t know the frequency of your network, you can easily find out this information using your mobile phone. This data is extremely important for choosing the right device to boost mobile signal for you.

Signal Repeater to Improve Your Communication

If you see that something is wrong with your mobile connection when you are at home, a mobile amplifier can improve the situation. It is able to boost mobile signal even if you live in a mountainous or remote rural area.

Innovative 5-band Nikrans NS-300-Multi

This advanced signal booster can become a perfect variant for everyone who is looking for a reasonably-priced device with good functionality. Nikrans NS-300-Multi is a device that can help you not only to improve the quality of your voice calls in Singapore but also to stabilize your internet connection and increase the speed of your mobile data exchange. 

Thanks to its coverage area that reaches 300m², this signal booster can be ordered not only for being used at home but also for offices and different types of commercial buildings. It is a popular choice for restaurants, cafes, gyms, medical centers, and small hotels.

Hi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal Boosters
Calls · 4G/LTE · 3G · Coverage: 300 m²
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

In case you are considering the possibility to buy a cell phone signal booster, we will be happy if you choose our website for placing your order. Despite the growing competition in the market, our company successfully manages to keep leading positions in the industry. We have been offering high-quality solutions for resolving mobile signal issues for more than two decades already and we are not going to stop at the positions where we are now. A lot of people in Singapore and all over the world, choose us to order a 3G, 4G, 5G, or GSM signal booster and we are proud to receive so many positive reviews from different corners of the globe. There are several factors that allow us to stand out from the row of competitors who offer devices for overcoming signal issues.

  • Excellent quality of our booster. Before any new model becomes available to our clients, it is always carefully tested in special laboratories. As a result, we can be absolutely sure that our devices won’t let you down and that you will be able to enjoy a stabilized connection thanks to our signal booster regardless of all external factors.
  • Modern design and compact sizes. Sometimes our clients admit that they have postponed their purchase of a mobile booster for a while because they used to think that it would be a huge and ugly device and that they would have difficulties with its installation. Nevertheless, it is not so. Our devices look stylish and won’t occupy a lot of space in your room.
  • Rich choice. Are you looking for a signal booster for your GSM connection? Or do you need to order a 4G repeater? Or is a 4G, 5G mobile booster the best option for you? Do not worry! On our website, you can find everything you need. There are boosters that are compatible with one frequency band or with two. Moreover, there are advanced amplifiers that can work with 5 frequencies at the same time. Among our products, there are also devices for cars and boats which means that your connection can be stable even during your trips.

Though our signal booster can help you to increase the power of your signal regardless of the exact factors that negatively influence the quality of your solutions. In Singapore, one of the reasons for signal deterioration is overcrowdedness. It is crucial to understand that the quality of your connection depends on the power of the signal that your mobile phone receives from the cell tower operated by your carrier. While among the factors that can make the signal weaker, we need to mention distance and landscape peculiarities, we shouldn't forget that if there are too many devices that are trying to get connected to the same tower, a lot of users may get no signal at all.

But with a good repeater, you can easily overcome this problem as a mobile booster has a very sensitive outdoor antenna (it is much more sensitive than the antennas that your smartphone has). As a result, after this signal is caught, it will be boosted and all mobile devices located within the area of its coverage will have the possibility to leverage the benefits of stabilized connection.

Operators in Singapore are closely working with their 5G networks. And we already have what to offer you if you face problems with the power of this signal. On our website, there is already a range of boosters that are intended for making this signal stronger.

But that’s not all that you need to know. Singapore is already making progress on its way to 6G development in order to lead the global digital race. Though it is too early to speak about that but as soon as the demand for 6G boosters appears, at MyAmplifiers, we will be able to satisfy it.


The 5G ecosystem in Singapore is being actively developed. For example, mobile operator M1 is working with its partners to deliver 5G SA connectivity together with edge computing tools to some Singaporean museums, such as the National Museum and Children’s Museum. Moreover, it established cooperation with one of the major healthcare platforms in Asia to offer 5G telemedicine services to the maritime industry.

Among the recent news from telecommunications firms in Singapore, we need to mention that StarHub has managed to earn the status of the most eco-friendly telco in the world.

It is important to highlight that local mobile operators in Singapore pay attention not only to the quality of their services but also to the comfort of their clients, especially when it comes to financial questions. For example, just recently it has become known that Singtel in cooperation with Etiqa Insurance launched a complimentary insurance plan dubbed Singtel Bill Protect to mitigate the influence of unstable economic situation and unemployment for Singaporeans. It means that even if subscribers face financial difficulties and are not able to pay for fixed broadband and mobile services, they will still have the possibility to stay connected.

And if you have faced difficulties in connection due to signal problems, at MyAmplifiers, we will be always ready to help you.

When do you need to buy accessories for your signal booster?

When you buy a mobile signal booster Singapore on the MyAmplifiers website, you can be sure that you will get a full kit. In other words, you won’t need to buy any additional elements to make your repeater work. Nevertheless, there is a row of additional elements that you can use to enhance its functioning!

For example, if you want to make sure that your device will successfully send the improved signal to your rooms located on different floors, you can order a splitter. When you need to provide stabilized connection to mobile devices across a wide inside area, you can buy an additional indoor antenna (by the way, you can pay attention to the fact that a lot of powerful boosters in our catalogue have 2 indoor antennas in their standard kits).

For those who want to protect their boosters from any damage that can be caused by lightning during thunderstorms, we can recommend buying a special protector that you can also find on our website.

If you are not sure whether an accessory that seems useful to you will be compatible with your mobile booster or whether it will cope with the set tasks, you can always contact our team and get a free consultation.

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Customer Stories

NS-GDW-Boats-L is a perfect GSM 3G 4G marine amplifier for a boat!
NS-GDW-Boats-L is a perfect GSM 3G 4G marine amplifier for a boat!

Brian Yews

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