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Boost mobile signals in Malaysia

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Celcom signal repeatersMaxis (Hotlink) signal repeatersDiGi signal repeatersU Mobile signal repeatersYes signal repeatersAltel signal repeaters
Friendi mobile signal repeatersredONE signal repeatersSpeakOut signal repeatersTune Talk signal repeatersXOX Mobile, ONEXOX signal repeaters

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Small Buildingup to 300 m²
Medium Building300 - 550 m²
Large Building551 - 3000 m²
VehicleCars & Boats
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Hi-tech GSM, 3G and 4G Signal BoostersGet Perfect Phone Calls, 3G and 4G In Your House, Office and Car

signal repeater LCD-130

for Malaysia

4.9/5 — 184 Reviews
Indoor coverage: 130 m²Calls

Let experts take care of choosing ideal cell phone booster by your needs. And enjoy stable mobile coverage, high-speed Internet connection and convenient phone communication in your place!

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Celcom signal repeaters Maxis (Hotlink) signal repeaters DiGi signal repeaters U Mobile signal repeaters Yes signal repeaters Altel signal repeaters Friendi mobile signal repeaters redONE signal repeaters SpeakOut signal repeaters Tune Talk signal repeaters XOX Mobile, ONEXOX signal repeaters

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Improve the Quality of Your Mobile Communication

When you choose a carrier, it is clear that the main criteria are prices for its services, terns that it offers and its coverage. But the problem is that subscribers may face with signal issues in Malaysia even within the coverage area of this or that carrier.

The cell signal problem in Malaysia may be a result of influence of many factors including peculiarities of the materials that were used to build your house. It may lead to a significant deterioration of your signal strength.

But to stabilize your connection we can offer you to install a cell phone signal booster. It will catch your weak signal, amplify it and you will get a signal that will be powerful enough to ensure your connection.

Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

Our company has a very important task: we help you to solve cell phone signal problems. Though we cannot erect new cell towers in your neighborhood, we can offer you a more powerful and innovative solution. Buy one of our cell signal repeaters and boost mobile network in your house, work place or vehicle.
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Customer Stories

Top-notch device against Maxis signal problems.
Top-notch device against Maxis signal problems.

Adam Rayyan (Malaysia, Borneo Island)

I live on Borneo Island in Malaysia. Everyone knows it as a paradise for tourists and the best place to relax from the noisy city life. This island is wonderful, perhaps the only problem is that mobile coverage is far from perfect here. I have a large villa which is really very popular with tourists. So quite often I had to deal with complaints about Maxis poor coverage.

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Mobile signal problems successfully sorted out at our warehouse thanks to a mobile home signal booster GSM 4G.

The logistics company for which I work has several warehouses across Malaysia. And unfortunately, only in our warehouse all the employees used to struggle with mobile signal problems. Surely, excellent call and Internet quality is vital for our everyday activity.

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Excellent GSM Signal Amplifier

If you have problems with your voice services, it means that you have an awful GSM signal. But for our NS-800 it will be an absolutely easy task to change the situation. It is designed to boost mobile signal transmitted at a frequency band of 900MHz. If your carrier uses the same frequency to disseminate 3G signal as well, you’ll also get your data exchange stabilized.
--TRANSLATE THIS(Mobile Phone Signal Boosters)--

signal repeater NS-800

for Malaysia

Indoor coverage: 800 m²

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