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TIM-Telecom Italia signal repeaters Vodafone signal repeaters WindTre signal repeaters COOPVoce signal repeaters Iliad signal repeaters DIGI Mobil signal repeaters FASTWEB signal repeaters Lycamobile signal repeaters Poste Mobile signal repeaters Ringo Mobile signal repeaters Tiscali Mobile  signal repeaters Uno Mobile signal repeaters

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Simple solutions for your signal problems in Italy

Italy’s telecom market may boast one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the EU with the number of broadband subscribers growing each year. In spite of this rapid expansion signal problems in Italy can be still a bothering issue for a lot of households and offices. As anywhere in the world the reasons for that are various: surrounding jungles of high buildings in the cities, landscape peculiarities (mountains, deep forests, etc.) in the rural area, as well as construction materials.

What can be done to so annoying signal issues in Italy? Not much, you may say. But you are wrong. Mobile phone signal boosters were developed with the aim to bring an effective and cost-friendly solution to all those inconveniences caused by a poor mobile signal. MyAmplifiers invites you to explore our online catalogue of numerous GSM, 3G, 4G LTE repeater models.

Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

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Customer Stories

Highly recommended. The marine lte antenna works better than I had hoped.

I am often cruising around on my yacht and frequently lose cell signal during my trips. Cell coverage there is sketchy at best. I was skeptical about purchasing a signal booster since the mobile signal is barely 1-2 bar or even lower. I was also very concerned about marine internet connection.

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Mobile repeater managed to improve cell coverage and COOPVoce signal problems in my parents' house.

A signal amplifier is a very convenient and easy solution that improves the signal no matter how bad it is and allows me to get the best out of my GSM and 4G signals. The internet speed is high in any corner of the house, and I can make phone calls even from the basement. It also fits inside the house easily, because it’s a small device that only has a couple of wires. Overall, I like that I bought it and I would recommend it to anyone just as it was recommended to me.

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If you think that you can’t have marine Internet access on a yacht, you are not right!

I am a happy owner of a small nice yacht. That’s why when I have some free time I like sailing in the Mediterranean. It is so pleasant to cruise the sea, to enjoy fresh air and relax. But the main problem that I used to have earlier was terrible mobile connection.

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Mobile signal problems in our amusement center were resolved with a network booster for mobile.

I work at an amusement center that is located on a large surface, and our pervious signal amplifier from another store wasn’t working so well lately. Our visitors were complaining that internet signal was pretty unstable, they couldn’t get a proper connection, and sometimes there was no connection at all. We decided that we needed another, new and more powerful amplifier for our poor coverage.

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