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Boost poor coverage with signal booster for cell phone in Spain

Mobile phone signal booster is a must have for any person who encounters such a problem as insufficient coverage. Thanks to this useful device you can enjoy stable connection, receive and make calls without interruptions, surf the Internet at high speed. Depending on the reason why you need a mobile signal booster, you should pay attention to the coverage capacity and supported signal types. Choose your provider
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Where Do You Need to BOOST Your SIGNAL?

Small Building
Small Building
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Medium Building
300 - 550 m²
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Large Building
551 - 3000 m²
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Hi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal BoostersGet Perfect Phone Calls, 5G and 4G In Your House, Office and Car

phone signal amplifier LCD-300GD

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for Spain

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Let experts take care of choosing ideal cell phone booster by your needs. And enjoy stable mobile coverage, high-speed Internet connection and convenient phone communication in your place!

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Get comfortable voice and Internet connection in your house, working place or car.

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Movistar signal repeaters Orange signal repeaters Vodafone signal repeaters Yoigo signal repeaters Lycamobile signal repeaters Lobster signal repeaters Hits Mobile signal repeaters DIGI mobil signal repeaters Euskaltel signal repeaters Lebara Mobile signal repeaters MÁSMÓVIL signal repeaters ONO signal repeaters Pepephone signal repeaters Simyo signal repeaters Tuenti signal repeaters

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Customer Stories

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Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

Quick delivery despite COVID-19 outbreak

I am really happy that I decided to order a booster on Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, we have taken a decision to stay at home. But of course, in our case self-isolation could have presupposed full isolation from the whole world as the quality of our mobile signal at home used to leave much to desire.

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

This booster is my best purchase amid coronavirus quarantine

Yes, I am one of those who have been enforced to work from home due to all these risks related to the coronavirus outbreak. To tell the truth, I had noticed the problems with my mobile signal long before the quarantine was announced. But earlier, it was not very important for me.

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Do not allow signal problems to spoil your communications!

Do not allow signal problems to spoil your communications!

Mobile booster is an advanced device designed for improving poor mobile coverage, regardless of the operator and the supported standards. These devices come in a wide variety of models, depending on output power, supported frequencies, bandwidth, and signal gain.

The main reasons for poor mobile signal are architectural or any other obstacles on the way of the signal, remoteness of the mobile device from the operator's base station and limited number of masts in the area. When the signal is weak, users can’t make and receive calls, the audibility is imperfect and the Internet speed leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, there is a simple and at the same time effective solution for any kind of signal problems – booster signal for mobile phones.

The working principle of a mobile booster is simple. Its outdoor antenna receives weak incoming signal from the nearest base station. Then the device transfers the signal to the booster box, where it is enforced. After that the improved signal is transferred from the box to the indoor antenna. And the last stage is when the reinforced signal is transmitted directly to the subscriber's mobile phone.

The installation is very simple and will hardly take more than half an hour. All you need to do is to find a suitable place for your outdoor antenna where it will be able to catch any kind of signal. Then you just mount the booster box and connect it to the indoor and outdoor antennas. Thus, the whole amplification system includes three main elements. i.e. the outdoor antenna, the indoor antenna, and the booster box itself. 

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for the correct functioning of the signal booster for cell phone, you should provide a high-quality electromagnetic isolation between the indoor and the outdoor antennas. This is the only way to exclude the possibility of self-excitation of the amplifier.

As you can see, a mobile booster signal is a fantastic radio engineering invention, which can make a weak signal from the operator more powerful just in a flash.

Advantages of Our Amplifiers

Our mobile phone boosters have a number of advantages – they need no additional software and equipment, they are reliable and easy to install and use.

Best Cell Phone Repeaters

MyAmplifiers has a wide range of mobile phone signal booster models. We offer devices for small, medium and large size buildings, amplifying GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE.

Effective mobile signal booster Nikrans LCD-300

Nikrans LCD-300 is an advanced two band repeater for the amplification of weak GSM signal at 900 and 1800 MHz. The device will be ideal for premises up to 300m². for example, medium-sized houses, small offices, local shops, etc. Nikrans LCD-300 is equipped with an LCD screen which makes it convenient to install and to monitor the operational process. One of the most useful features is automatic signal level control. If the incoming signal is not strong enough, the amplifier will detect this and adjust the system accordingly. The mobile booster will ensure stable connection and help you get rid of signal problems.
signal repeater
DiscountHi-tech GSM, 5G and 4G Signal Boosters
Calls ·Coverage: 300 m²
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate
Myamplifiers Certificate

MyAmplifiers offers a wide range of mobile boosters for home and business. Our experts would be glad to help you choose the most suitable option at the most reasonable price. 

Why do people choose MyAmplifiers among all the other companies? Just because we have a number of benefits over them:

  • Secure payments;
  • 30-day return policy;
  • express delivery from a warehouse in Spain.

MyAmplifiers offers the best ratio of price and quality at the market and the most diverse assortment. You can order not only repeaters for home, but also your office. Stable mobile connection is the basis for your prosperous business, so don’t underestimate it! A signal booster for cell phone from MyAmplifiers will become your guarantee of strong signal and speedy internet during online meetings and negotiations with partners. 

Our devices are in huge demand with hotel and restaurant owners, since thanks to these magic devices they no longer use loyal clients and even manage to attract new visitors. 

There is a wide range of boosters designed for amplifying signal on a vehicle, be it a car or a boat. With our car boosters you can be sure that you’ll never lose signal when on the drive or at sea.

Don’t know how to boost signal inside large premises with thick concrete walls? A mobile phone signal booster from MyAmplifiers is the best solution. The device will significantly improve the quality of mobile connection at home or at the office, regardless of your mobile operator and location. All you need to do is to choose the device in accordance with the size of the building and the types of signal you need to better – GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc. We have boosters suitable for simultaneous amplification of several signals at a time, what is more, the device has no restrictions in terms of the number of users connected. 

Car boosters are getting extremely popular, especially among travel lovers. The secret is that they are simple in installation and in use, and they demonstrate great results in terms of effectiveness. The device consists of the same elements as the ordinary mobile booster signal for house or office, i.e. two antennas (an indoor antenna and an outdoor one), and the repeater itself. The working principle is simple and understandable. The outdoor magnetic antenna catches a weak signal, transmits if to the booster. The latter enhances it and passes to the indoor antenna, which in its turn disseminates the strong signal inside the car, so all mobile devices in the car can benefit from perfect connection. 

One of the main advantages of booster signal for mobile phones by MyAmplifiers is that no matter what operator you are currently subscribed to - Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, Yoigo or any other – the device will do its work in accordance with the supported frequencies.

The latest events when almost all Spanish operators failed to ensure stable Internet connection on the south of the country demonstrated the importance of signal boosters. Users faced troubles with making and receiving calls, sending messages, surfing the Internet. Although the first complaints came from Orange users. A few minutes later, the same thing happened to Vodafone. Later, problems were reported by many other operators: Jazztel, Simyo, Lowi, Yoigo, MásMóvil and PepePhone. This proves once again that not a single mobile network is insured against signal problems. Therefore, the only thing that can save the situation is a mobile signal booster by MyAmplifiers.

Mobile boosters can be installed almost anywhere where there are problems with cellular coverage. Each booster includes everything you need to install and run smoothly. The system comes complete with cables, antennas and mounting equipment.

You also get a lightning protection in the kit and it’s possible to customize your order in terms of cable length. The lightning protection is highly recommended for those customers who live in areas with frequent thunderstorms. 

The kits are supplied by a power adapter and accessories necessary for mounting. Our devices are absolutely safe & secure for human beings, animals, and environment, since they consume less energy, emit no radiation and are produced only of high-quality materials.

★★★★★ Rated 4.8/5 based on 51 ratings

Customer Stories

Good stuff. You get your money’s worth.
Good stuff. You get your money’s worth.

Andrés Mercado
(Spain, Valencia)

We are located in a rural area where Movistar signal problems are frequent.
We are located in a rural area where Movistar signal problems are frequent.

Ing. Pablo Colmenarez
(Spain, Barcelona)

The results of installing the repeater have been outstanding
The results of installing the repeater have been outstanding

Jacques van Biesen
(Spain, Andalucía)

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