If you are looking for a signal amplifier that will help you to overcome your problems with calls and mobile internet at the same time, we recommend you to read attentively this review of our GSM, 3G, 4G mobile booster. Nikrans LCD-300GD has already become a perfect solution for hundreds of Myamplifiers’ customers from different corners of the world. Maybe it’s now your turn to forget about signal issues once and forever? Read this article to learn more.

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LCD-300GD: What is it and how it looks like?

LCD-300GD is a modern mobile signal booster that works at 900 and 1800 MHz frequency bands simultaneously which allows it to improve the quality of calls and mobile internet. The booster is compatible with the networks of the majority of mobile service providers in the European Union. 

The device meets the standards of the international certification systems such as CE and RoHS and is absolutely safe for your health.

Let’s proceed directly to the GSM, 4G mobile signal booster review and take a look at what we have in a standard kit.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

It includes:

  • A booster box with a whip antenna
  • An outdoor antenna
  • An indoor ceiling antenna
  • Two coaxial cables (5m and 20m)
  • Mountings
  • Power supply

Moreover, together with your order, you get a manual with all the necessary info related to the installation process and the use of the device.

What should you do to install the amplifier?

It’s better to start with the connection of an outdoor antenna to a booster box. It should be done with the help of an outdoor cable that is 20m long. This antenna is intended to be installed on the roof of the building or at least somewhere near the window. It will catch the signal provided by your operator and then send the received signal to the booster box via the cable.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

Then you need to connect the whip antenna directly to the booster. It will extend an improve the signal in your building.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

Now, it’s time to connect the ceiling indoor antenna.

Now you should connect one end of the second cable to the antenna port. The second end will be connected to the corresponding port in the booster box.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

As soon as it is done, you can use the power supply to switch on your device. Please note, that following the steps described in the manual you can install the booster completely on your own, even if you do not have any special tech skills.

The device has an LCD screen that not only shows the current state of the network, power, indoor and outdoor signals but also demonstrates useful tips related to the installation of all the elements of the booster.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

The device can be used by multiple phones at the same time.

After you install and switch on this booster, it will need just a couple of seconds to start working and improving the quality of your connection.

Nikrans LCD-300GD: Benefits

  • All-in-one solution (ability to improve GSM, 3G and 4G signals simultaneously)
  • Modern design and compact size
  • Simple installation process that is described in the manual
  • Possibility to install an additional indoor antenna to better distribute the signal of needed
  • Sleep mode that helps to save energy
  • Automatic control of signal level

What do Nikrans LCD-300GD users say?

Since this device was introduced on our website, it has managed to become one of the most popular models. It represents a good price and quality ratio, has a coverage area of 300 m2that is appropriate for many types of private houses and apartments as well as for offices.

The best way to make sure that LCD-300GD is really worth being considered if you are looking for a universal solution to deal with your signal issues is to read what its users say about their first impressions and the efficiency of the device.

For example, Myron Kelsey from the UK ordered this booster during the coronavirus lockdown when his family had to spend a lot of time at home. Earlier, they used to have problems even with the connection to the internet, even not to mention watching videos online and other simple tasks. But LCD-300GD changed everything! Myron even wrote to us that self-isolation is not so terrible when you have enough food and a good mobile connection.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

Ivars Gulbis from Ireland bought Nikrans LCD-300GD to boost Virgin Mobile signal in their summer house. This model was chosen as it is designed to improve Virgin Mobile 4G and 3G signals, as well as GSM signal of all Irish providers. And according to Ivars, the device has helped to solve the issues.

Best signal booster - LCD-300GD review

The most popular rate that our customers give to this device is 5 stars. Usually, they name such advantages of this model as its power, stable functioning, energy efficiency and simple installation.

Still have any questions about LCD-300GD or want to discuss the peculiarities of other models with our experts? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to make your mobile communication better.

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phone signal booster

Nikrans LCD-300GD

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