5G Is Here to Revolutionize Mobile Data Exchange

It was not so long ago when people couldn’t imagine that they would ever use their cell phones to browse the net. But now they not only can imagine it but they also actively do it. We have become very demanding and can’t stand when the speed of data exchange is lower than we have expected.

Nevertheless, today there is one new solution that every subscriber will welcome with applause. The 5th-generation of wireless broadband technology will provide much higher data speeds, enhance cost-efficiency and bring significant changes to the ways of interacting with the mobile internet.

What Benefits 5G Can Offer

Do you remember how long it usually takes you to download a movie or to upload some weighty files? With 5G it may take just a few seconds to fulfill all these tasks.

Moreover, this technology will power various autonomous vehicles and cutting-edge devices with expanded functionality, ensuring a possibility to introduce a wide range of new innovative services and products. And all these things will be done much faster and with lower latency than ever before.

The technology was under development for several years and now 5G networks have been already introduced in the Asia Pacific and North American regions. And it is expected that 5G will soon conquer the rest of the world as well.

But today most subscribers use the networks of the 3rd and 4th generations and can’t even fully realize what will be changed after the 5G launch.  When 4G was introduced, it was a great step forward for the entire industry but 5G will make a revolution as it will take all the capacities of its predecessor to an absolutely new level.

  • Though a real speed of data exchange allowed by 5G will depend on various factors including the peculiarities of your carrier’s infrastructure, according to some estimates, it will ensure a 10 times higher speed in comparison to 4G.
  • The nature of 5G technology permits to utilize exponentially wider bands than 4G and to ensure a significant growth of bandwidth.
  • 5G latency can really impress those who are accustomed to 4G latencies as the new technology is able to reduce it to 1 millisecond. Nevertheless, this figure will depend on the distance between the target platform and users. But in any case, the results of 5G are said to be over 60 times higher than average latencies ensured by 4G.

What It Requires from Mobile Operators

Though the benefits of 5G are obvious, not all carriers are already ready to offer such a network to their clients. And the reasons are rather clear. The existing infrastructure and networks are not designed to ensure a necessary throughput level and low latency of 5G. It means that mobile services providers should upgrade the facilities that they own if they want to offer their subscribers an opportunity to enjoy the latest technologies.

But technical issues are not the only barrier for mobile operators and other players of the market to overcome in the context of 5G introduction. They also need to develop appropriate business models (or update the existing ones), that they will rely on working with the new technology, and design various sets of 5G services for different target audiences. Bearing this idea in mind, carriers need to carry out throughout research of the needs and demands of their client groups in order to understand what they want to get.

What Experts Say

Though the key use case of 5G is the enhanced mobile broadband, it will also be widely applied in the actively growing sphere of the Internet of Things. According to the industry’s experts, at very low power 5G is able to ensure 1 million connections per kilometer.

Moreover, thanks to its latency this technology will be used for the development of a great number of applications with an increased level of reliability which is especially required in such areas as autonomous driving and healthcare.

Nevertheless, such innovations need huge investments. It is predicted that in the framework of 5G implementation expenses on IT hardware will reach $326 billion by 2025.

Though we still can’t say that everyone today is ready for all these breathtaking changes that 5G will bring, step by step companies are adapting their networks and more and more people are getting closer to cutting-edge innovations.

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