The expertise in the telecommunications sphere over a decade, the development of the own signal booster brand, a professional team of engineers, sales managers and analysts lead us to the idea of presenting the production of Myamplifiers at the international exhibitions. Besides, we realize that there are still many people over the world who suffer from poor mobile signal connection and don't even know that a time-proven effective solution for their problems already exists.

A useful experience in the exhibitions we received at Hong Kong Fair in 2019 shown in the picture below.

Hong Kong Fair in 2019

Another milestone for Myamplifiers was participation in the largest trade show of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2018, dedicated to the mobile communications industry. Being a part of such a huge event is essential for every technological company.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2018

Among other important events can be mentioned the Iranian Fair and the Russian Exhibition. We were glad to present our new LCD models to the public. As a result of the participation in those events Myamplifiers got some important projects and made new business acquaintances.

the Iranian Fair

These days our stands can be noticed at every significant trade show or fair. Our mission is to bring reliable mobile connection to every home and business. We are open to B2B and affiliate programs.