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First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem

My situation is very special so I didn’t believe that there was a way out. We have two mobile subscriptions on the Swiss network but live a few kilometres across the border in France, and we did not want to continue to pay roaming charges here. The repeater now gives us a reasonably strong Swisscom signal at home.

I decided to try it because of constant Hollands Nieuwe signal problems

Best of the best, word is not enough to describe how happy i am with this device! my house is not very big so i was recommended to buy this model NS-450. i had very low signal, i couldn't make even a call.. i used to miss a lot of calls. it was a real disaster.


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Cell phone boosters: an effective means of upgrading your carrier’s coverage?

Cell phone boosters: an effective means of upgrading your carrier’s coverage?

What can cell phone users do if they get a signal not strong enough to support voice calls or data services? As the technologies have stepped up so much, definitely there should be some smart device capable to spare us from the annoyance when talking or browsing. One of these smart gadgets is a cell phone signal booster.

No matter which carrier it is - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, U.S.Cellular or any other, the device will boost the desired type of a signal. Thus, there are boosters cut out either for GSM voice calls or Edge/Gprs, 3G, LTE mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. They can be exploited in your house, working place and even in a car (for those who spend a great part of their time driving).

The boosters by MyAmplifiers do not demand any particular technical knowledge in electronics as they are already programmed and set up. Our specialists have thought of the optimal combinations of accessories for each model so that you don’t need to choose them separately puzzling over their compatibility. Once you install the equipment following the instructions in the User’s Guide, you’ll obtain straight away an amplified signal. The equipment can be run 24 hours 7 days a week non-stop. Its laconic design will suit any environment and a durable case will keep it non-deteriorated in any climatic conditions.

Apart its standard and preset kits MyAmplifiers may propose solutions tailored to your specific requirements, e.g. the surface to cover, application, and consequently provide you with all indispensable accessories for its installation and proper functioning. No matter which booster you go for, the installation process is not burdensome or time consuming that results in excellent and stable signal reception.

We kindly ask you to сontact us for any assistance in search of your ideal signal booster!

  • We have 100+ models.
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  • 30-DAY return policy
  • 3-YEAR warranty & service
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Possessing over 10 years of experience MyAmplifiers has proved remarkably effective in developing solutions for amplifying cell phone signals of all types. Its talented and devoted team starting from production line workers till engineers and managing corps constantly strive to deliver high quality products to our customers.

MyAmplifiers cares for the safety and high standards of the manufactured items. Thus, all our boosters are submitted to strict tests and are FCC and RoHS certified. These certificates prove the conformity of the products to the international requirements in terms of using hazardous substances and electromagnetic interference.

MyAmplifiers provides a 3-year warranty to all cell phone signal boosters as well as an express delivery to any state of the USA.


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