New 5-Band Mobile Phone Signal Booster on Sale!

We know how important it is to fit the purchase of new devices into your monthly budget! Now you can get the best-selling multi-band boosters at the lowest price. This is the most affordable home booster in Europe and maybe even over the world! With 5-band boosters you get:

  • Support of ALL networks in Europe and most carriers worldwide.
  • LCD display with essential technical data, including working band, maximum gain, signal strength and alarm indicator.
  • Network Safe option that turns down the booster for protecting the mobile network in case of unpredictable issues.
  • The ability to reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone.
  • Simple and fast installation that requires no more than 30 minutes.
  • Full kit including all components that are necessary for fast setup and effective usage of the device.
  • These boosters will suit any interior as they were designed in accordance with the leading fashion technological trends.

We are also working on minimizing the impact of signal boosters on human health so that to make our new products 100% safe for users.

If you still have questions, just contact our managers.

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Toimitusaika: 3–7 työpäivää
Kaikki signaalinvahvistimet toimitetaan pikalähetyspalveluilla, kuten DHL: llä tai FedExillä, jotka varmistavat, että tilattu tehostin saapuu nopeasti kotiin tai toimistoon. Toimitus kestää yleensä 3–7 työpäivää.
30 päivän palautusoikeus
Asiakkaan tyytyväisyys tulee ensin! Voit palauttaa tai vaihtaa vahvistimen 30 päivän kuluessa toimituspäivästä.
Kahden vuoden takuu
Ongelmasi on ongelmamme! Saat tehostimen ja sen lisävarusteiden ilmaisen korjauksen 3 vuoden kuluessa ostosta.
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Jos löydät edullisemman tarjouksen, sovimme sen.

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First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem

First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem

My situation is very special so I didn’t believe that there was a way out. We have two mobile subscriptions on the Swiss network but live a few kilometres across the border in France, and we did not want to continue to pay roaming charges here. The repeater now gives us a reasonably strong Swisscom signal at home.

I decided to try it because of constant Hollands Nieuwe signal problems

Best of the best, word is not enough to describe how happy i am with this device! my house is not very big so i was recommended to buy this model NS-450. i had very low signal, i couldn't make even a call.. i used to miss a lot of calls. it was a real disaster.

I decided to try it because of constant Hollands Nieuwe signal problems

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