Nikrans NS250 GDW Tri-Band Repeater

i Sweden denna booster fungerar med:

Inomhustäckning: 300 m2
3 Band
Calls / GSM 3G 4G/LTE

Nikrans NS250 GDW Tri-Band Repeater

  • NS250GDW Tri-band mobil repeatern,
  • inomhusantenn,
  • utomhusantenn + 10 m kabel,
  • nätaggregat,
  • manual
5 752 kr
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213 kr



Nikrans NS-250GDW Översikt

Tri-band mobil repeatern förstärker mobila signaler på tre olika frekvensband samtidigt - GSM 1800 MHz, 900 MHz GSM och 3G 2100 MHz. Denna repeater fungerar för alla mobila nätverk över hela EU, Nord- och Sydamerika, Australien, Asien och Afrika. Denna enhet är avsedd för medelstora inomhus lokaler upp till 250 m2 (2700 ft2), så den blir perfekt för privata hus, kontor, butiker och kaféer som ligger i underjordiska utrymmen, etc.

Tri-band mobil repeatern används för att öka låg GSM signaler för bättre mobil kommunikation. Som ett tri-band ger den också utbyggnad av en 3G signal täckningszon för tillförlitlig internet 3G�/strong>, videosamtal och mobil-TV samtidigt på en gång. 

Denna mobil bredband booster är CE och RoHS certifierade, följaktligen uppfyller den de europeiska kvalitets- och säkerhetslagstiftningarna.

Beställ denna Nikrans tri-band och mobila signaler på både GSM och 3G frekvenser kommer alltid att vara stabila i ditt område!

Paketet levereras med ett komplett kit med allt nödvändigt för korrekt installation och användning. Enhetens installationsprocess är så enkel att den inte kräver specifika kunskaper eller färdigheter. Allt du behöver är att fixa två antenner och ansluta dem med en booster med hjälp av kablar. När du sätter igång den kommer täckningen i området att bli optimal automatiskt inom 5-7 sekunder.  

Denna mobila bredband booster är en säker och hälsosam produkt som användare bestrålas inte med. Tvärtom, efter signalförbättring sänder mobiltelefonen ut mycket mindre strålning än när det är brist på täckning.     

Vår Tri-band är ett perfekt väg ut för dem som behöver att förstärka svaga GSM och 3G signaler på en och samma gång!

Vårt Professionella Team är alltid redo att svara på alla dina frågor.

För att förstå principen om hur en GSM booster arbetar, titta på videon nedan.

Nikrans NS-250GDW Specifikation

Täckning: 300 m2
Upplänk frek: 890-915 & 1710-1785 & 1920-1980
Nedlänk frek: 935-960 & 1805-1880 & 2110-2170
Nedlänk Gain: 55 dB
Nedlänk Gain: 60 dB
Strömuttag: 10 dBm
Arbetstemperatur °C: -25 - +55 °C
Luftfuktighet: 5-85%
Storlek (mm): 250 × 220 × 52
Boosterns vikt: 3.2 kg
Strömförsörjning: AC 90~264V, DC9V/3A, 10W
Tillverkningsår : 2017



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We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal.

We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal. Now the signal level has risen significantly, and we have wide coverage zone at our working sites.

Ing. Pablo Colmenarez · Barcelona, Spain

Product: LCD-1200GW

My one regret is that I didn’t get one of these years ago. Anytone AT700

In recent weeks I purchased two units from - in hindsight I did not need to do this since one unit would have sufficed but that was a mistake on my part. One unit was to boost my Mobile Phone signal. I have lived in my present home since 2009 and have not been able to use my mobile phone indoors. This, as you can imagine, has been very frustrating.

Vincent Sherlock · Co. Mayo. Ireland

Product: MA-2503G

My cellar is a real bunker! NS-300GD

I compared your items and your prices with those from other sites. But what convinced me was your short video presentation.

Delpart Nicolas · Gembloux, Belgium

Product: NS-300GD


(Germany)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW  ·  17-12-2018

I was deeply impressed about the professional service, quick answersto technical questions and even the speed. I needed a NS-250GDW veryurgently and I got it within three days.

(SAR)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW  ·  05-12-2018

It’s a great thing! Frankly speaking, I have never regretted the purchase. The booster is very helpful, especially at the cottage, where I have no mobile coverage at all. After the installation the signal has become better and more stable. The only minus is a little bit high price, but it’s worth it!

(Spain)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW  ·  16-09-2018

This is a fantastic device! It works on 3 frequencies at the same time and suits for ALL providers of Spain! Perfect coverage, easy installation. Also want to say thanks for friendly support.

Above I describe everything - I´m completely satisified!

Over 1 week waiting for delivery.

(Malta)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW  ·  12-05-2018

The booster is very comfortable to use. I didn’t install any software and didn’t buy any mountings for the set up. All necessary accessories were sent together with the amplifier and the antennas and I managed to install the device on my own guided by the instructions given. Works perfectly, without any complaints.

(Ireland)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW  ·  07-03-2018

I purchased a Nikrans NS250GDW, Anna was a great help with pre-sales questions I had, and recommended the product to suit my needs.Regards.

(the Netherlands)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW  ·  21-01-2018

This device is a very good if not the best solution to mobile signal problems. I’ve chosen an amplifier which improves both voice connection and mobile internet. The characteristics were suitable for me (I mean the working frequencies and the indoor coverage). The result of the amplifier’s work is really impressive. Stable connection and speedy internet!

(Brazil)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW  ·  13-12-2017

Super satisfied with the booster. Significantly improves phone calls audibility, 3G Internet quality. The delivery was fast, tracking option. The device is simple yet complete - you have all to set up the system and get perfect conection.

Quite low-priced for good quality. Perfect for those who needs a booster for small area but with all possible frequencies in one device.

Indoor antenna could be more powerful.

(the UAE)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW  ·  19-11-2017

What a wonderful device! The repeater has a lot of pluses, as for the disadvantages – I haven’t noticed them yet. I installed it in my shop, where the coverage was poor. Now my customers have no problems with reception. They easily make calls, use mobile internet and apps. As the device can be used by numerous people, all visitors can benefit from its work.

(France)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS250GDW  ·  28-09-2015

I had a problem with getting an invoice, but Julie was very helpful and very nice to talk to.

support in French, good manager Julie

(Portugal)  ·  Purchased Nikrans NS-250GDW  ·  07-04-2015

Just installed this booster. Lost some time to find the best location for the antennas and to run the cabling inside the house, but once installed the booster did not keep me waiting for the result – 5 bars instead of 2. Plus, 3G Internet without interruption. Highly recommend this!

All features function as advertised. Covers the whole house and a bit of terrace – nice for the summer bbq’s))

Delivery took a week, but that is no big thing providing what I got.

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