First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem

First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem

Martin Fisher (Morez, France)

My situation is very special so I didn’t believe that there was a way out. We have two mobile subscriptions on the Swiss network but live a few kilometres across the border in France, and we did not want to continue to pay roaming charges here. The repeater now gives us a reasonably strong Swisscom signal at home.

I have been looking for any solution for a long time. I had no idea about gsm repeaters when I found information about them. First it seemed a bit unreal that such a compact device could solve a problem. But the customer service helped me a lot. They made my doubts disappear and helped me to select the model. Installation was relatively straightforward. The instructions were clear and the necessary materials were all included. The external antenna was mounted on an existing TV antenna pole and oriented towards Switzerland - we had to play around a bit to get the strongest signal, but it was not difficult. Linking this up with the repeater itself, and then the antennas, was easy. It has required no ongoing maintenance at all.

Really easy and quickly!

We get five bars in the house now — excellent. We can enjoy the connection and forget about roaming. Thanks a lot to all the team of!

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The results of installing the NS-300GW have been both surprising and outstanding

We live in the mountains in AndalucĂ­a, Spain without any cellphone coverage at all, either in the house or on the terrace. It was really impossible to contact with someone by phone and all that complicated our life a lot.

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I'm working from home. LCD1200-4G-PRO
I'm working from home. LCD1200-4G-PRO

Cyril Marsaud (London, UK)

My office is located in a cellar. Cell phone reception there was very bad; impossible to make a call or browse Internet without interruptions!

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I decided to try it because of constant Hollands Nieuwe signal problems

Best of the best, word is not enough to describe how happy i am with this device! my house is not very big so i was recommended to buy this model NS-450. i had very low signal, i couldn't make even a call.. i used to miss a lot of calls. it was a real disaster.

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It was unbearable when I couldn’t use my mobile phone

I’m very satisfied with LCD-1200GD! It was unbearable when I couldn’t use my mobile phone. That horrible signal drove me up the wall. I live in underground room. The mobile signal was absent because there was not enough coverage.

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