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Olivia P. (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-GSM+4G

It’s the first booster I see in my life but even I managed to understand how to use it in a couple of minutes. Moreover, I am very impressed that this device is absolutely harmless for our health.

Beatriz (Portugal)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

Just amazing!

High quality of the device, reliability and stability of its work, good terms of delivery.

The price is not low. But the amplifier is really powerful.

Janez (Slovenia)
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

Super booster!

Good coverage, strong and stable signal, low energy consumption, full kit, detailed guide.

For me, it was not easy at all to install my outdoor antenna until the moment I read attentively the instructions. The installation of this antenna on the roof is recommended but not obligatory.

Maximilian (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GW

LCD-300GW is a very powerful booster. Unexpectedly powerful. It supports multiple connections and works without interruptions.

Speedy delivery, good service, various payment options.

There isn’t anything that I don’t like about it.

Patrik (Hungary)
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-D

Earlier, I couldn’t even check my social media apps on my smartphone when I was at home. Now I can even watch videos and listen to music. Miracle? No. Just my new booster. Thanks. It’s a very useful device.

Arnas I. (Lithuania)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GW

The price is rather fair for such a top-notch device.

Coverage, ability to improve two signal types, support of multiple connections, full kit.

I wish the manual were in Lithuanian.

Jari (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

To tell the truth, I didn’t know that booster can have such wide coverage. I really thought that for our premises I had to buy at least two or three devices. I am impressed, really. The coverage is really amazingly large and the signal is stable.

Pablo L. (Spain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

Good device. I can really recommend it.

Reliability, reasonable price, detailed guide.

At first, I didn’t receive my order as I had indicated a wrong address (but it was my fault then the issue was solved).

Ines (Portugal)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G

I like this device. It doesn’t need much space; it is absolutely easy in use. I am just afraid that our cat can spoil the cables but it’s our typical problem. The amplifier is cool.

Katarina (Serbia)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

I’ve ordered this device for my parents as they live in a rural area that is not covered with a stable signal in a proper way. Now they have no problems with communication. I am happy that I’ve ordered this device for them. The device is absolutely easy to install and use.

Thijs (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans LCD600-GSM+4G

Great device! Thanks!

Easy installation, fast delivery, very polite managers, high stability of functioning, support of more than one connection at once.

Should I try to find any problems, if there are no problems with this booster at all?

Ralf (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000GDW

Super cool amplifier! The price is rather high but the coverage is amazingly wide. It supports multiple connections and is able to function in all weather conditions. By the way, the guide is very detailed. I’ve installed the booster on my own.

Alexandr (Czech Republic)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300-Smart

Excellent device at a fair price.

High capacities, reliability, fast delivery.

At first, I didn’t know how to install it. But then I found a guide in the box

Valentina (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800

This booster is installed in our office. And we all like it very much. I wanted to buy the same model for my mum but the manager advised me to order for her a device with a smaller coverage (it will be enough for her). But in general, these boosters represent a real way to overcome problems with your connection.

Paula S. (Spain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

I have never though that I would manage to install a booster in my own! Everything is really extremely easy. As soon as I installed my LCD-300GD, I noticed the difference. Now I have stable mobile connection, can make calls, browse the net. I am absolutely satisfied.

Paula S. (Spain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

I have never though that I would manage to install a booster in my own! Everything is really extremely easy. As soon as I installed my LCD-300GD, I noticed the difference. Now I have stable mobile connection, can make calls, browse the net. I am absolutely satisfied.

Lucas O. (Slovenia)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-130

I bought this booster for my parents and then their neighbors asked me to help them to make an order. They also decided to buy LCD-130. This booster can really solve your problems with GSM signal. And the price is rather affordable.

Dieter F. (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans NS-600-Smart

Cool booster! At first, I was going to buy two boosters to install in our house: one for my GSM signal and the second one to improve my internet connection. But then the manager explained that NS-600-Smart would be enough for me. I am 100% satisfied.

Abdullah (Kuwait)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300

Two days ago I received my LCD-300. It was very easy for me to install it. My parents also have a booster in their house but my LCD-300 is much more powerful than their device. Maybe I’ll order the same model for them as well.

Miika (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-PRO

Amazing device. We’ve installed it in our cottage. Quite often we leave for business trips and I was afraid that the amplifier would consume too much energy when nobody needs it. But it has an energy saving mode. For us it’s very important.

Yiorgos (Greece)
Purchased Nikrans LCD800-GSM+4G

I’ve bought this booster for our hotel. Our family owns a hotel that’s why visitors' satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Nevertheless, due to the mountains located nearby, the mobile connection is awful. But LCD800-GSM+4G is just what we always needed.

Jürgen L. (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans LCD400-GSM+4G

We ordered this device for our business club as many of our guests suffered from the consequences of a very unstable signal. Now the situation has improved greatly. The coverage of the amplifier is quite impressive. Moreover, much more than 1 mobile one can use the boosted signal. For us, it’s very important.

Randy T. (Botswana)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200

We installed this device in our sports center. I can say that it has a very wide coverage and can provide its amplified signal to much more than one device. I think it’s a very useful device for different companies and establishments who have faced with GSM problems.

Noah M. (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO

LCD250-GSM+4G-PRO is a very reliable device. It can boost a signal even in such areas where a mobile phone can’t catch any signal at all. I’ve purchased this amplifier for my parents, they live in a private house in a rural area and they are absolutely happy.

Nicolai (Denmark)
Purchased Nikrans LCD500-4G-PRO

This booster is installed in the restaurant where I work. Now I am even thinking of buying a similar device for my parents. The booster is able to cover a really wide area with the improved signal and to support multiple connections. For us it is very important.

Max T. (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-800GW

As for me, the main advantage of this booster is its coverage (I’ve bought it for my company). Moreover, it is able to amplify several types of the mobile signal simultaneously. It’s also a plus. The only thing that can be improved…Just kidding. There is nothing to improve. Thanks.

Dennis (Lithuania)
Purchased Nikrans LCD250-4G-PRO

Thanks for LCD250-4G-PRO. It’s definitely 5 of 5.

Very cool design, compact sizes, support of multiple connections, extreme power, stable coverage.

I haven’t found anything bad.

Alannah T. (South Africa)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GW

I bought this amplifier for my mum as I was fed up with all the problems with her mobile connection: I never could reach her due to very poor mobile coverage in her qreq. Thanks for this high-quality device! It is very powerful.

William S. (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GDW

We’ve read dozens of reviews and decided to order this booster. We are very satisfied. It functions perfectly without any interruptions. Especially, we like that it can boost signals transmitted by different operators simultaneously, for our office it’s very useful.

Mohammed (Bahrain)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1000D

It’s a good amplifier that is able to ensure a really stable 4G connection across a wide area. I am the manager of a small hotel but the problem was that the signal in some rooms was very weak. So, many of our guests, as well as employees, used to face with serious inconveniences. But the comfort of our guests is a top priority for us and this booster is helping us to ensure it.

Kristóf (Hungary)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GW

This device was our last hope. Without it, we practically couldn’t work but to find an appropriate booster that would meet all our requirements and would be compatible with mobile operators in our country is not the easiest task. Nevertheless, we found LCD-1200GW! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with all the operators but still we are satisfied.

Daan (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GDW

We’ve installed this booster in our office. Its coverage is enough for us and in all the rooms at our office, we can enjoy a strong and stable mobile signal. The amplifier can improve the quality of connection for people who use the services of different operators. For us, it's extremely important.

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