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Winnie (Tanzania, United Republic of)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GDW

Thank you so-so much for your work. We live in a large house in a rural area. We have our family business; that’s why we never stop working. When you have a family business, if a partner calls you in the middle of the night, you need to answer. You need to stay in touch just in case something unpredictable happens. That’s why we ordered a booster. I didn’t have a lot of expectations. But the result was really impressive. Now if you call me in the middle of the night, I will answer.

Bartek K. (Poland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Before I bought this booster I was not able to use my 4G at home. But this small device is able to amplify even the weakest signal ever.

Not expensive, quick delivery.

Need to fix the antenna outside, it's not always simple to do.

Miroslav (Slovakia)
Purchased Nikrans NS550-GSM+4G

For me, it was a real discovery to find out that something like these boosters is available today. Though I was suffering from problems with my mobile signal at home for a couple of years, I couldn’t even imagine that one day this problem will be solved so easily. It was my friend who sent me a link to this website. I don’t know where he had found it but my family is very grateful for him. So, we ordered this device because (first of all) the price seemed to be very attractive and it had all the functions that we could wish. Now after we have installed it, the internet connection is just perfect, it is amazingly stable and the speed is really high. The quality of voice services has been also improved but to tell the truth we all use the mobile internet much more often than our voice services.

Quite a bulky system - antennas, cables...

Gabriel (Luxembourg)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GD

MyAmplifiers team, thanks. I’ve communicated with different managers, and all of them are very attentive and patient (I think that these are the most valuable characteristics for support managers). I had hundreds of questions regarding a booster itself and its delivery. And I highly appreciate that I’ve got detailed answers to all of them. I wish you good luck in our business! Many-many thanks for your work.

Klaudia (Poland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-800

I am writing this review on behalf of our entire company. Our manager offered us to order this device just after we moved to our new office. Though the office itself is wonderful, the office building is situated in the suburbs of Wroclaw where are some obvious problems with mobile coverage. For us, the quality of our GSM connection was a crucial issue as we are a commercial B2C company and we really need to communicate with our clients. Every day we receive and make hundreds of calls and to stay afloat we need to stay connected. At the current moment, we have been using this amplifier for 3 months already and we have noticed that the number of dropped calls has significantly reduced. At the same time, the number of our satisfied customers has grown. So, we wish your company to thrive. And we hope that the number of your satisfied customers will be growing as well.

Cruz (Portugal)
Purchased Nikrans NS-500GW

I bought this device for my parents and I really think that it is the best one of its time. To begin with, I need to say that my parents live in a small town in Portugal while I moved to Lisbon seven years ago. At the time when I was still living with them, I didn’t care much about the quality of my signal there. To tell the truth, in my room the signal was more or less stable but in other rooms, it was a disaster. Sometimes my mum came to my room to call her friends. Yeah, it may sound funny. Nevertheless, now when I live far away from them, I want to stay in touch with them. That’s why I ordered this amplifier. I think it’s a very appropriate device for my parents. It is very easy to use. You just need to install it and then you can practically forget that you have it. Though my parents are not very active mobile internet users, their amplified 3G signal now allows them to communicate via WhatsApp without any troubles.

Farid (Algeria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

Such a great device! Our mobile internet at work was a disaster. Nevertheless, our managers decided that we need to improve it. Thanks to this device everything is great. Now, we can use our mobile apps to contact our customers without any interruptions.

Mihai (Romania)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GW

I work as a travel agent, and for our company, it’s very important to have a stable mobile connection. Otherwise, our potential clients can’t reach us, and we lose our profit. So, we are very happy that our boss offered us to install such a device. I was the person who was responsible for finding and ordering a booster. And I am very proud that I managed to find MyAmplifiers.com. The prices, the devices, and the service itself can be described as just great.

Paul (Switzerland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GW

I am currently living on a campus of a university not far from the mountains. The fast half a year my friends and I didn’t have any problems with 3g connection or GSM but a couple months ago we began suffering from a bad signal. So, my friend’s parents brought us the model NS-300 GW and a special man installed it for us within two hours. I saw that a set had a repeater, two antennas, and a power supply. We were amused when the signal became great not only in our room but the following 3 rooms found out the same thing. It’s great that it can work extensively.

Markus (Iceland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

I needed a booster just for my 4G signal in the apart. So was looking for some not really expensive model. Anna advised me this one and I decided to give it a try. The signal is better though not 5 bars but mainly 4.

Price, design.

Need to have a signal outside, if no signal at all, the booster is useless.

Patrik (Slovakia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GD

I am very grateful to a support manager Alex who has helped me a lot with making an order. At first, I wanted to buy another repeater, but Alex explained to me that I could buy a booster with a narrower coverage (and NS-1100GD appeared to be just an appropriate model). I placed an order, and I expected that I would receive it in two weeks, but already in a week, I could enjoy my amplified signal. That’s cool.

William (Panama)
Purchased Nikrans NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

The device ensures excellent connection at my home! I can even watch videos online from my smartphone.

The booster works perfectly.

The installation was rather difficult for me.

Leon (Malta)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GDW

I hadn’t seen any boosters before I bought this one and I even couldn’t imagine that such a device would be so small.

Wide coverage, small sizes, high capacities.

I know that many people find the installation easy, but for me, it was rather difficult.

Santiago (Argentina)
Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G

Though it’s the first booster in my life, I think it’s the best one! The only negative aspect that I can mention is that the box of my booster was a little bit damaged. But the device itself didn’t have any damages and it functions just perfectly.

Evelyn (United States)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+4G

We installed this booster in our office 5 or 6 months ago and we haven’t noticed any problems with it. It works perfectly, it supports multiple connections and doesn’t need much energy to function.

Adrian S. (Moldova)
Purchased Nikrans NS-500GW

I ordered this device two months ago and in general, I can say that I am quite satisfied with my purchase. But you know, from the technical point of view everything is not so easy as it may seem. Though the device has just two antennas and an amplifier box itself, for me it was not the easiest task to understand how all these things should be fixed. Nevertheless, customer care service works perfectly. I called them by phone and a very nice girl provided me with all the necessary tips.

Amina S. (Moldova)
Purchased Nikrans NS-800

I ordered this device 2 weeks ago and yesterday it arrived. Though somebody can say that it is rather long, I don’t think so. I was really happy to get it! The device looks absolutely reliable. Though I found a very detailed guide inside the box, unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to install my booster on my own. For a girl, it may be rather complicated, I believe. But my brother managed to do it without any difficulties. Thanks for this amplifier. For skeptics: yes, it works

Jose (Morocco)
Purchased Nikrans NS-150GW

Great repeater for sure. My girlfriend and I purchased it online a few months ago since we forgot any connection problems with the Internet or by speaking on the phone at home. We’ve recently moved there and had to find a place for phoning conversations without interruptions. It was such a mess! My friend advised me to buy this model at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the only con was paid delivery. However, the full kit was sent in 3 days and I could install everything independently. It is worth to buy it.

Denis (Bulgaria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

I am satisfied with this purchase. The amplifier has a very wide coverage and works perfectly. What’s more (it is extremely important for us!), it supports multiple connections and is able to improve the signals transmitted by different carriers.

Long delivery - 9 days.

Darren J. (Ireland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Excellent device. It is fully worth its money.

Good price, quick installation, full kit, reliable connection.

I can't define any problems

Hristo I. (Bulgaria)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GD

When you are a manager of a hotel (even of a small one), you have a lot of things to do. But the common goal of all these things is to ensure that your guests are satisfied with their staying at your hotel. They should feel comfortable there. But do you think that a modern person could feel comfortable without a stable mobile signal? Of course, not. So, I needed to do something with the quality of the mobile connection at our hotel. I read a lot of articles on this issue on the internet and realized that buying a booster is the only variant that we could afford (another option was to install a new cell tower, but it didn’t sound like a good idea). NS-1100GD seemed to be just what we needed. Its coverage is great, so guests in all the rooms of our 2-storey hotel can now enjoy the improved signal.

Nicolas (Greece)
Purchased Nikrans NS2500-GSM+4G-PRO

Though for some people the price of this device may seem to be rather impressive (or let’s call it even frightening), I want to make it clear for everyone: the repeater is really worth every euro that you pay for it. It’s turned out to be unexpectedly powerful. Though earlier in our office building all the workers used to complain that they couldn’t catch even the lowest 4G signal, now the members of our team can enjoy a stable 4G connection. The same is true about other types of signal. For us, it is a huge plus that the signal amplified by the repeater can be used by many people and the quality of the improved signal is not getting worse when much more than one device is using this signal. Without this amplifier, we couldn’t work efficiently enough and even were considering a variant of moving to another office building.

Samuel J. (Canada)
Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G

We ordered this booster for our sports club and we are fully satisfied with this purchase.

Support of numerous simultaneous connections, easy installation, reasonable price.

I don’t know the reasons but the device took 3 weeks, I hoped to receive it faster.

Nicolás T. (Venezuela)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+4G

Good booster. Thank you for your help in making an order.

Very stable connection and strong signal.

For me personally, the price is rather high. But I still bought it.

Ivana (Macedonia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-800

Fantastic booster. Moreover, after analyzing the proposals of a number of online and offline stores I found out that this company offers the best price for it.

Price, warranty, attentive managers.

I can’t name any.

Maria (Venezuela)
Purchased Nikrans NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G

The device ensures excellent 3G connection at my home! I can even watch videos online from my smartphone.

The booster works perfectly.

The installation was rather difficult for me.

James (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GDW

Thanks for your fantastic work. I really think that you are the best online store. You offer high-quality devices and don’t try to make money from the air. I really appreciate that you are working honestly. Thanks for reasonable prices and your attention to your clients. It was pleasant to understand that somebody is always ready to help you starting from choosing an appropriate model and ending up with installation and usage.

Wojtek (Poland)
Purchased Nikrans NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

Hi, guys! Thank you for your cool website and your high-quality devices. As a booster is not a very cheap purchase, I had a very serious approach to its choice. I studied a lot of reviews and a lot of forums and came to the conclusion that this website would be the best one to order a signal amplifier. Everything was perfect, starting with the search form in the online catalogue and ending up with the recommendations that I got from the manager during the installation. Thanks!

Denise L. (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans NS550-GSM+4G

Thanks for this amplifier. It suits me perfectly and is able to improve our awful GSM and LTE signal. At first, I wanted to order two separate boosters for these two types of signal but when I contacted a manager for a consultation, she explained to me that this one would be enough. I am very grateful that thanks to her professional help I could save my money. It was very easy for me to install this device and there are no problems with its functioning.

Peter K. (Hungary)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

I couldn't make a choice for quite a lot of time as the search on the site is not quite evident so decided to contact the sales team to get some recommendations. Thus, I ordered LCD1200-4G-D and may say that it was the right choice. 4G is now stablem 4 bars everywhere in the warehouse.


Not evident how to choose a model

Gerhard S. (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Guys, I am writing this review just to say thanks to the team. You are real professionals who want not just to earn money but to help people. Initially, I wanted to buy another booster (it was more expensive, by the way) but when I wrote a manager to get a piece of advice, the girl offered me this one. As it suits me even better and is cheaper. I highly appreciate it. Thank you!

Pavel B. (Czech Republic)
Purchased Nikrans NS-800

Dear team, thank you for your work! Thank you for your useful information provided on the website and the convenient search form. I think that every person who comes to this page can feel that there is a team of real professionals behind this website. The device itself is also cool. Now, instead of 1 bar, I have at least 4 bars (but very often I notice that there are even 5). I am really satisfied as I was already tired of all those interruptions in communication due to poor coverage!

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