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Maria L. (Ireland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GD

We installed this device in our office, and our clients now can reach us without any efforts, we are always available! The coolest thing about this booster is that it supports at least 15 connections (maybe it supports more, but we don’t know it for sure).

Inari M. (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GDW

This booster has very impressive coverage. We’ve installed it in a 3-story building and now have an equally stable signal in all the rooms. The installation is not the easiest one but it’s okay.

Lina (Austria)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Thanks, the device is great.

The package was warped. I was afraid that booster would be all broken inside but everything stayed intact.

Mathias (Denmark)
Purchased Nikrans NS-2000-Smart

Thank you for this booster. Though the price was rather high for me, now I see that the repeater is fully worth its money.

Nick (Norway)
Purchased Nikrans NS-3G-Drive

Hey-hey;) Thank you for this miraculous device. For me, it’s still rather difficult to understand how it works. Okay, I know how it works, it difficult to believe that it is really possible. Thank you! I feel much more comfortable during my business trips than I used to feel before.

Lilly K. (Sweden)
Purchased Nikrans NS200-GSM+4G

This booster is installed in our office. But now I suppose that I will order the same model for my parents as they suffer from a very unstable connection. I have taught them to use the mobile internet, but they can’t use it, as the speed of their connection is very-very slow. As NS200-GSM+4G has helped us to overcome these problems in the office, I think that it will help my parents as well. Moreover, its coverage is just enough for their private house, so we won’t need to overpay for a more powerful device.

Olavi (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-150

A great device for those, who are tired of a weak signal in a small apartment. I easily ordered on the website after the support team helped me to choose because it’s my first one. They asked me a few questions about the price and my expectations. And the delivery was unusually quick. That’s a very coherent job of the whole team, thank you!

Paul T. (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans NS550-GSM+4G

I think it’s a very good device for an office situated on the ground floor (but in reality, it’s practically an underground floor).

Stability of connection, fast delivery, professional support service.

We haven’t noticed any problems yet.

Rocío (Mexico)
Purchased Nikrans NS-5000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

This booster we bought to install in our restaurant but now I think that we need to order just the same device for our house as well. The booster works perfectly. I even couldn’t expect to get more than it can offer. As soon as we switched it on, we noticed that our smartphones’ 3G signal indicators started to grow. With this booster, now we always have 4-5 bars, though earlier we didn’t have more than 2 bars. Our guests who come to our restaurant regularly have also noticed the difference.

Gabriel D. (Iceland)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

What an amazing booster! Its coverage is really impressive. Earlier I even couldn’t imagine that something will help to enhance our mobile internet signal. I can sincerely recommend it to all mobile subscribers who have similar problems.

Joe L. (United Kingdom)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

Earlier I thought that boosters are just useless toys. Nevertheless, when my neighbor told me that he had installed such a device and showed me a real difference, I started to google as much information as possible in these devices. I was impressed by how many people are using them. Now I am also among those who can enjoy the benefits of a stable connection.

Arnaud T. (Belgium)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GD

It’s the first device for amplifying the mobile signal that I’ve installed in my house so can't compare with devices from other manufacturers. As for now the results are rather good. Calls do not get interrupted, 3G works well.

Cables - have to think how to pass it to connect to the outdoor antenna.

Martynas (Lithuania)
Purchased Nikrans NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

Good choice for you if you need to cover a wide area. Though I am absolutely satisfied with its capacities, now I understand that I could order another model with a narrower coverage and pay less.

Tim (Germany)
Purchased Nikrans NS-800

The device is beyond all my expectations!

The best price, compact size, stable signal.

The box itself was a little bit damaged but the device was safe.

Laura (Latvia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GW

I am completely fond of the booster. It fulfills all promised functions I read on the official website of your company. I was slightly disappointed with paid delivery to my country. However, 20 euro for this is not the sum of money against the quality of 3g connection and GSM and I was delivered the amplifier directly to my apartment. Recommend!

Adrian (Croatia (Hrvatska))
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GW

Dear team, thanks! The amplifier is more than just amazing.

Very stable connection

The installation is not so easy as it is described.

Valentina (Hungary)
Purchased Nikrans NS-550GDW

The amplifier is installed in our office and we all are very happy that we’ve bought it.

Amazing power.

At first, we got some problems with an outdoor antenna (we couldn’t fix it) but then everything was okay. We managed to install it in a proper way.

Hassan (Jordan)
Purchased Nikrans NS-150GW

My boss purchased the NS-150GW for our office. He bought the booster because we moved to a new underground office in the city centre. Undoubtedly, the strong walls and the location noticebly decrease the GSM signal power and 3g connection. We found this amplifier on the Internet and its technical characteristics totally satisfy our needs. Indeed, we could pay for it distantly and the order was delivered after 3 days directly to our office. We are particularly grateful to the developers for automatic gain control and a shut-off because we usually forget to turn off it. Amazing! I recommend this model for everybody who suffers from similar issues.

Lars (Netherlands)
Purchased Nikrans NS-2000-Smart

More than just happy that our boss ordered this booster. The device is able to support multiple connections and to work with signals of different operators. We’ve been using this device for 6 months and we all are very satisfied.

Danute R. (Lithuania)
Purchased Nikrans LCD1200-4G-D

So happy that we’ve bought this booster! It’s very powerful. I also want to say that I am very grateful to the agent who helped us a lot with our choice. The girl explained to us all the peculiarities of these devices and was very patient.

David (Montenegro)
Purchased Nikrans LCD-150D

I have been using this booster for several months and I can say for sure that it's very helpful for me.

fast delivery, excellent price, high quality.

I had some troubles with the installation. But it's my fault. I haven't read the manual attentively enough.

Milian (Finland)
Purchased Nikrans NS2500-GSM+4G-PRO

Dear team, thank you for your amazing help. I think that if I hadn’t found a company with such friendly and attentive managers as yours, I still wouldn’t have ordered a booster. But that’s cool that I’ve found this website and that’s cool that I’ve decided to contact the sales team. A very nice girl explained to me everything that I wanted to know and even helped me to create a shortlist of the most appropriate repeaters in accordance with my requirements.

Nick B.
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GDW

I ordered this booster for our summer house as there is only a weak signal outside and nothing at all inside. Needed to have at least GSM and 3G. Well, the result is rather satisfactory - grond floor and upstairs - 4 bars and 3 in the basement.

Powerful model

Have to find a place for the aerial where the signal outside is more or less strong and doesn't diseappear, only then the booster works to its max. had to change place 2 times.

Eric (Canada)
Purchased Nikrans NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

I ordered NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO three months ago and I am fully satisfied with my choice. Earlier I hardly ever could make a call, now I always have 4-5 bars and enjoy the stable connection. I’ve already recommended this device to all my neighbors who have similar problems.

I want to express my special gratitude to Alex who provided me with excellent professional advice regarding the installation process. So, if you also have any doubts on how to install it, I think that the managers will help you without any problems;)

Dawid M. (Poland)
Purchased Nikrans NS-500GW

The device has only one disadvantage: it has no LCD screen. So, you practically don’t know how things are going. But you know about this “disadvantage” already at the stage of choosing a device. Nevertheless, in general, everything is great.

Rui G. (Portugal)
Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GD

Thanks! The device is cool! And what I liked most of all was that I could buy it at a very pleasant price. I got 10% off, which is a quite significant amount. My booster is functioning well, and what is very important for me, it doesn’t consume a lot of energy. I was afraid that I would have to spend the whole salary on my bills, but the work of this device doesn’t have any serious impact on the final energy costs.

Riad L. (Albania)
Purchased Nikrans NS-800

Thanks for this booster and for the attention to your clients’ needs and demands. I am really grateful that Alex, the support manager, provided me with such detailed information and helped me to choose the best model for me. At first, I wanted to buy another device but she explained to me why in my case it was no use to pay more. Thanks for your honesty and openness.

Alejandro L. (Venezuela)
Purchased Nikrans NS-12K-Voice, 3G & 4G

Thanks for your work guys! The device arrived really fast. Though I was afraid that I wouldn’t manage to deal with the installation, I needed just 20 minutes to install it and switch it on.

Brain (Belgium)
Purchased Nikrans NS-150GW

When I am tired of an awful signal in my cabin outside the town, I found the NS-150GW amplifier and immediately purchased it on the website. I really like it because it is capable to increase the signal well with quite simle characteristics, as well as a small weight (less than a kilogram) and minimum supply. Moreover, it perfectly fits the interior of my studio and absolutely unnoticeable because I can’t hear any noisy sounds it could emit. I am going to present the same model to my parents, especially as the company provides free delivery of the repeater to my country. Awesome!

Eva (Serbia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-300GW

My husband bought it for our house because he couldn’t speak on the phone from our basement. The amplifier handles the size of a place. I can’t see any disadvantages in this model. Great job!

Rocío (Colombia)
Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G

Sorry, I am not very good at writing reviews. Nevertheless, I want to recommend this booster. It functions just perfectly. Now we have an excellent 3G connection. Unfortunately, our operator does not provide us with a 4G signal that’s why I can’t tell you whether this device is able to boost a 4G signal (but I am sure that it is).

Sandra (United States)
Purchased Nikrans NS-20K-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO

The first thing that I want to do now is to say thank you to the nice girls that work in the support team. They really helped me a lot. I am really grateful for your professional help and your attention! When I received the order needed to ask my boyfriend with the installation, nevertheless, the usage of the device is absolutely easy (you don’t need to do anything special, just to enjoy). Thank you! I’ve already told all my friends about this top-notch device.

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