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Ben Armidale (Brazil)

Purchased Nikrans MA-500C

May 27, 2016

Good model for reasonable price - that's my first impression. I can finally get 4 or 5 bar signal strength. I liked that the installation took only an hour, it was very easy. The only condition is to read the manual beforehand. We found a pole and tied an outside antenna to it so that the whole construction was higher, I think it works as the nearest mobile station is 20 km away from the house. Now I’ve read here that people often have problems with lightings and I think I’ll put a lightning rod next to the antenna (don’t want my booster to break down soon). I’d advise everybody who has poor signal to buy a anytone repeater, it works great!

just the ones I’ve written here – reasonable price, easy installation, good performance, clear manual, etc. It’s also nice to realize that the tool lowers the amount of radiation.

lightning may be serious danger for the mobile booster.


Mateo Antonio (Bolivia)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500C+3G+4G

June 2, 2016

My best regards to you and huge thanks for assisting me in purchasing of a repeater for Potosi, Bolivia. You explained it all to me just perfectly so that I could make a decision. I'll keep in touch if any further consultation is needed.

Fran (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1503G

June 7, 2017

Using this booster for over 6 months, and not a single problem. The installation was easy. And in less than 30 min I got my 3G Internet working. The device is great and takes little place. Thank you!

José (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-5003G

June 1, 2016

Genius! I don´t stop recommending it to my neighbours!

1 - economic 2 - durable 3 - easy to install 4 - two years of warranty

I did not receive an invoice in the package, but when I asked it, the manager sent it to me by email immediately with apologies.


Francisco (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans MA-2503G

May 4, 2016

Hi, I want to say thanks for assistance in choosing and ordering a repeater by my requirements. I love everything - its functioning, economic price, easy setup. The repeater works with our Orange and covers each of two floors of our house. It also functions with 5 mobiles and tablets at a time, and there is no interference.

Durable, economic, high-quality, and functions perfectly.

Delivery was delayed on a couple of days.


Miguel (Portugal)

Purchased Nikrans NS1100-GSM+4G-PRO

May 16, 2016

Hi there, feel very satisfied with the bought amplifier. it soes not require technical maintenance or updates. As an engineer I can say that this equipment is professionally made and is very effective. I recommend it to everyone!

Effective and very powerful. Setup is really simple.


Natalia (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans MA-500

May 17, 2016

I have it 3 days and I am content with it. It's a great purhcase - the best ever!

Economic, with extensive coverage, compact, lightweigh.


Sandrine (Italy)

Purchased Nikrans MA-300

April 16, 2016

effective, I'd recommend to everyone

very good signal


Marta (Portugal)

Purchased Nikrans NS-300GD

May 17, 2016

I think this is a very good purchase. Functions correctly for 2 weeks already, and now I'm thinking of ordering a booster for 3G. The connection has improved from 2 to 4-5 bars. Valid for all networks of Portugal. The only thing I'd prefer is to have a manual in Portuguese.

Clare (Ireland)

Purchased Nikrans NS-300GW

February 18, 2016

Hi there! Good and quite effective. The best option for limited budget.

price, calls+data


Marc (GB)

Purchased Nikrans NS-550GDW

March 26, 2016

I would recommend this product simply for its price and coverage ratio. My old repeater has very poor range in my house, and I often had problems with gsm signal reception - that was really annoying!

Before I installed the Nikrans booster I read through the online FAQs on myamplifiers.com and the manual - the installation was ever easy! Besides, it is great to have a amplifier that finally works!

waited rather long for my package - but now that does not matter


Paul (Finland)

Purchased Nikrans MA-450GD

March 1, 2016

it's no compaint or praise of any sort, just want to share my experience. This winter we had up to -35C, though the booster manual says the device can funcion only within -25 to +55. Sincerely, I did not expect that the booster would survive that winter, but it did!

Nikrans 450 dualband is really compatible with all climatic conditions - now it's proven!


Anto (Poland)

Purchased Nikrans NS-5000

February 23, 2016

The booster is of superior quality! It´s genius! Design, coverage and perfect functioning for the affordable price.

- coverage, - price, - simple use, - fast setup


Julian (France)

Purchased Nikrans NS-2500

February 27, 2016

I loved this amplifier! It's genius, with large coverage, great characteristics, perfect price. Highly recommended at such a perfect price!

It is compact and effective.


José (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GD

January 27, 2016

I have this booster for 2 weeks already, which is sufficient to share my experience. Firstly, it was a very pleaant surprise to get Christmas discount out of sudden. Secondly, they delivered it to home, the delivery took 1 week only. And the installation was simple.

- Compact design - Simply installation - Compatibility with all operators - Large coverage - Discount


Alejandro (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-2500GW

February 13, 2016

This is my best purchase. Finally I resolved the problem of bad audibility during phone calls and constant interruptions in mobile Internet. The device has multiple advantages. The price seems quite high to me, but we you really want to resolve the problem, you don't even doubt.

Small device for Internet and calls. Express shipping to the house directly. Perfect coverage.

maybe just the price


Pablo (Italy)

Purchased Nikrans NS-500GW

May 16, 2016

From my point of view, this is one of the best amplifiers on the market. The amplifier has multiple advantages that make it irreplaceable for those who suffer from bad mobile coverage. Also, it is certified, safe to use and durable. Works with 3G and phone calls of different operators.

quality, coverage, certificates, warranty



Manuel (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-1100GW

February 24, 2016

I set up the booster and its antennas according to the manual but the indicator did not turn on. But I noticed that at the same time Internet started to work much better, I contacted support rep, and we found out that the indicator was damaged during transportation. They offered me to change it, but I don´t want, the booster works and gives perfect result, and this is all I need.

the booster works and I can surf the Internet easily, just perfect!

a bit confusing situation with the indicator, it doesn´t turn on though the device works


Joaquin (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GW

April 19, 2016

Hi, I´m a technician at a company in Valencia. This model is unique with such a big coverage and high gain. NS5000 dualband delivers signal to 3 floors. Unfortunately, cannot tell anything about the price because our administration was responsible for this. But I can definitely say that this was a purchase of the year!

Large coverage. 3G and GSM support of various providers.


Alex (Sweden)

Purchased Nikrans NS-2500GD

March 29, 2016

At first need to comment that I use phone calls a lot for work. I make 20 calls a day as minimum so good connection is essential for me. And it was a problem when I used to lose phone calls because of signal quality. With this dualband repeater I get the maximum from phone communication.

It's easy to use. Works with all networks.


Andy (Austria)

Purchased Nikrans NS-2500GDW

March 28, 2016

Hi, I want to share with you my booster experience because I´ve been using it for a month already. I am very satisfied with it. In comparison with the coverage we used to have the result is excellent. It´s true that the setup is very simple as well as its usage. Another characteristic of the device is its compact dimensions, small weigh, easy expliotation and super high gain.

Size, design, 3 frequencies, coverage area.

Price, delays at the customs.


Linda (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-5000GDW

March 30, 2016

This compact, simple and powerful device impressed me by its capacity and functionality. The device provided uninterruptable connection of high quality. Also, it was a pleasure to get a discount code with such a big discount. Many thanks for excellent service!

Suits for all networks of the country, both for calls and 3g Internet. The number of simultaneous connections is not limited. Large coverage.

Nothing obvious.


Jesús (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-50003G

March 28, 2016

I am very content with the repeater. Worthy funcioning, impressive coverage, adequate price. Provides stable 3G connection in our entire shopping mall of 3 floors.

Very suitable for everyday use. I´d recommend to my friend.


Marc (Ireland)

Purchased Nikrans NS-25003G

February 17, 2016

Very high quality at adequate price. Powerful booster with large coverage. Great for everyday use - Internet surfing, online games - everything smooth and fast.

Brilliant functioning, economic device, fast dlivery, simply setup.

It´s be perfect to have real fotos of the installation process.


José (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-25003G

April 24, 2016

The resume is gorgeous price-quality ratio. Perfect for those who want to improve 3G network but do not want to spend much. I mounted it in 20 minutes. The connection improved throughout all the house and a patio.

The shipment directly to the house by DHL.

nothing at the moment


Natalia (Portugal)

Purchased Nikrans NS-10003G

April 3, 2016

Great 3g repeater with modern design and small size. Very practical and economic. I will not stop recommending it!

Paco (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS-10003G

March 26, 2016

Excellent booster, its size is very compact, but it´s powerful and easy-to-use. To be short, it features the best characteristics at a very good price. We use it in a house of 3 floors with a patio. The result exceeded our expectations!

Excellent booster for stable 3G coverage in a large house. Spent only 30 min to mount it with the help of a manual only.

Came with some delay.


Tim S. (Germany)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-300GD

April 14, 2017

The repeater with all the characteristics that one may need for personal use. MA150GD dualband is a basic model, and I chose it for its economic price. Its quality is exceptional. The size is compact. Without any doubts it´s a highly recommended repeater!

Very useful, of high quality, with economic price.

No tech service in Germany. Thanks god, the support guy explained me it all online and sent the detailed manual. I installed the repeater by myself, and feel really proud of the fact, jeje=)


Jorge (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-500GD

April 13, 2017

Very useful purchase that brought us stable connection of all mobile networks we use - Orange, Movistar and Ono. Covers 2 floors. The quality of signal improved a lot. I like using the repeater and what convenience it brings to us.

Large coverage and good price.

Quite tiresome installation.


Alejandro (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans NS2500-GSM+4G-PRO

May 6, 2016

Good amplifier at good price. Gives stable 3G connection in the entire camp house. I would only change indoor antenna to the panel one because it better suits my interior. All the rest is just perfect - compact design, perfect signal distribution, easy mounting and usage.

Many advantages, the most important is that really stabilizes internet connection and sends strong signal to every corner of the house.


Sebastian (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800

May 4, 2016

Very good repeater by quality and price. Really useful for summer houses in the countryside. We bought the AT800turbo model together with 2 neighbours by the recommendation of Ana and used additional antennas for better signal distribution among our houses. My opinion is that the repeater is 100% worthy!

Excellent repeater at reasonable price. Wonderful sales service. Fast delivery.


Antonio (Italy)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-800

March 15, 2016

We ordered AT800turbo amplifier with a neighbour to boost signal in our houses. At first the result was not as we expected, but when we added splitters and additional antennas we got perfect signal level in all rooms of our houses.

The amplifier satisfies all our needs.

At first we did not know that we might need additional accessories.


Carlos (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

April 16, 2016

Guys, this is excellent device! Works perfectly, never interrupts, easy to use. More tan recommended! The signal does not disappear as it used to happen before we set up at600 turbo. The size is also really convenient.

Kent (Denmark)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GD

May 8, 2016

I dedided to buy at myamplifiers by the recommendation of my neighbours, and I don't regret at all.

price, efficience in work, fast delivery.

doesn't suit for some providers of the country


Mike (GB)

Purchased Nikrans LCD1000-4G-D

April 12, 2016

well, the truth is this repeater is the best among all I tried, and I tried several for the last years. Large coverage, high gain, stable work of internet and phone, easy set-up, adequate price.

María Teresa (Spain)

Purchased Nikrans LCD-1200GW

April 14, 2016

This repeater is perfect for large areas like our office. Our guys mounted the system without any problems. En every separate office we added indoor antenna for better signal reception and distribution. We had to order additional accessories for that. Everyone is ssatisfied now.

The signal increased from 1 to 4 bars. Perfect functioning.