« I have understood that the company is serious »

Giampietro Saragozza (Siracusa, Italia)
I have understood that the company is serious

The signal in my area is pretty weak. It was impossible to make a call in my house, the gsm signal was almost absent, and there was no coverage at all.

I suppose the problem is that the base station is too far away. After browsing the internet I found a solution - a signal amplifier for cell phone.

I have decided to buy one on myamplifiers.com, as I have understood that the company is serious. I liked the website, it’s simple and professional, and there is a vast variety of models. Also, the support girl was patient and kind.

I have been using the booster and I am absolutely satisfied. I have installed it successfully getting 4-5 signal bars with optimum coverage. Installation is very easy thanks to the diagrams provided. Seen that in Sicily it is easy to exceed 40° I mounted a fan for additional cooling, see the photo. Thanks to all of you!


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