MyAmplifiers Scholarship


Are you passionate about making this world a better place to live? If yes, here’s the good news for you: MyAmplifiers awards a $1,000 scholarships to the students who are committed to playing their part in densifying mobile connection worldwide in order to improve people’s lives. Our vision is to provide people worldwide with mobile signal even in the most remote corners of the world.

MyAmplifiers Scholarship General Information

MyAmplifiers offers scholarship awards for the students who present their well-researched and evidence-based essay about the safety in using a mobile signal booster as according to different researches very few people are informed that mobile signal amplifier can not only improve mobile signal, it also emits many times less radiation than a phone constantly looking for a signal because of a bad mobile phone reception.


Problem Statement

We live at the era of communication when staying always in touch has become vital for being happy and successful. However, despite the constant development of telecommunication technologies, they are far from being perfect and it is still not uncommon to be disconnected in the middle of conversation or while surfing on the Internet which can be really annoying and frustrating. 73 % of the world population are still living or working in the areas with very poor mobile connection which often becomes the source of stress and communication problems which could be easily avoided.

Fortunately, thanks to the invention of mobile phone signal amplifiers people suffering from poor mobile connection can drastically improve their cell phone reception and make their distant communication more enjoyable and reliable. Our aim is to study thoroughly the impact of signal boosters on human health and to make sure about their safety. Your write-up has to show a way out to the people, who need to improve their mobile connection.


Scholarship Awards

The winning candidate will receive a scholarship in the amounts of $1,000. Please, note that these funds may only be used to cover the educational expenses.


Application Deadlines


Who Can Participate


How to Participate

Choose a relevant topic and write an essay that is at least 1500 words long. The topics for the essay may be the following:

  1.  Can signal booster lower the level of the radiation emitted by mobile phones and minimize its influence on human health?
  2. How to minimize the power consumption of signal boosters without reducing the gain?

If you come up with other interesting ideas for the essay, don't hesitate to take the initiative  and write the essay on the topic you think may be interesting and useful! It will be highly appreciated by the jury!

Email your signed essays with your full name, university name, and your address to [email protected] with subject “Scholarship essay 2018” before the end of the current application period. One person can send only one entry.

Here are a few things that our judges love to see in essays:


Winner Announcement

The winning applicants will be announced to public at within 30 days after the application deadline and will also be notified via email to provide their proof of enrolment.

Best of luck!


Additional Information:

We are devoted to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This includes the acquisition, storage, use, access, and disposal of all student data obtained during the application process. This data will only be used for reviewing applications and selecting winners and never for marketing or commercial purposes.

Please note that the sole goal of this scholarship is to raise awareness about the possible ways of boosting mobile signal, and not to promote MyAmplifiers' products as the only panacea for poor mobile network problems.


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