Smart 2000GDW TriBand Repeater

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kantavuus sisätiloissa: 21600 ft²
3 Band Calls/GSM3G
Smart 2000GDW TriBand Repeater
  • Smart 2000 GDW,
  • indoor pannel antenna + 5m cable,
  • outdoor antenna + 10m cable,
  • power supply,
  • manual 

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Smart-2000GDW Tietoja

Smart 2000 GDW Triband is a new professional booster used to increase mobile coverage. The model amplifies calls and internet 3G at a time. It works at three frequencies - 900 and 1800 MHz for GSM calls, 2100 MHz for 3G Internet data transfer. The booster covers the area of up to 2000m2 (21500 ft2) and is effective for large houses, supermarkets, offices, hotels and other building with a few stores.  

Smart 2000 GDW is a unique model which has the following specific functions:

  • Adjustable front panel.  Helps to keep control of the current booster’s gain level and change it basing on your area.  
  • Smart function. Makes the booster go into a sleep mode and ignores too close position of antennas.   
  • Auto Level Control. Provides more stable mobile signal reception by the outdoor antenna.    

The device is CE-certified and RoHS-compliant and it doesn’t spread harmful emissions over the area where it’s installed. The booster even decreases radiations as a mobile phone emits heavily in the absence of a strong signal. 

Buy Smart 2000 GDW Triband booster and enjoy mobile communication either on the phone or internet!     

Below you’ll find more information on special functions of Smart 2000 GDW:

  • Adjustable front panel. With help of the front panel you can monitor the working gain of the booster. The index will be shown on the display. The panel is also equipped with buttons which allow changing the gain power depending on the area of your location.         
  • Smart function. If a mobile phone is not used the booster goes to sleep mode automatically. It helps to decrease energy consumption and radiation emissions. This function also prevents the booster system from self-oscillation. Even if outdoor and indoor antennas are positioned too close to each other, it won’t influence the work of the booster.      
  • Auto Level Control. This function fixes outside signal, in case it’s unstable, and ensures better work of the system. 

The booster is shipped in a kit complete with all the necessary items for installation. The device is easy to mount and the process will take no more than 15-20 minutes. The booster will ensure perfect coverage already in 5-7 seconds after switch-on.       

Smart 2000 Triband is an effective way to amplify your communication!   

Contact our Technical Team Specialists if you need assistance. They will help you to choose the right model and provide you with a professional consultation.

Smart-2000GDW Tekniset tiedot

Kantavuus:21600 ft²
Nousulinkin taajuus:890-915MHz, 1710-1785MHz, 1920
Laskulinkin taajuus:935-960MHz, 1805-1880MHz, 2110
Nousulinkin voimakku:75 dB
Laskulinkin voimakkuus:0 dB
Lähtöteho:18 dBm
Toimintalämpötila °C:-25/+55 °C
Ilmankosteus:5 - 95 %
Koko  (mm):129*95*30mm
Vahvistimen paino:4 kg
--TRANSLATE THIS(weight)--:7
Virtalähde:Input AC90~264V,output DC5V/2A


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Asiakkaiden tarinoita

We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal.

Ing. Pablo Colmenarez (Barcelona, Spain)

We are located in a rural area with a very weak signal. Now the signal level has risen significantly, and we have wide coverage zone at our working sites.

In recent weeks I purchased two units from - in hindsight I did not need to do this since one unit would have sufficed but that was a mistake on my part. One unit was to boost my Mobile Phone signal. I have lived in my present home since 2009 and have not been able to use my mobile phone indoors. This, as you can imagine, has been very frustrating.

My cellar is a real bunker! NS-300GD

Delpart Nicolas (Gembloux, Belgium)

I compared your items and your prices with those from other sites. But what convinced me was your short video presentation.

I've bought from your website because your tariffs comparing with others are better. I find this site simple and well made.

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