LCD-250C+3G+4G is an absolutely wonderful device to boost cell phone signal strength at home

LCD-250C+3G+4G is an absolutely wonderful device to boost cell phone signal strength at home

Carlos Yanez (Mexico, Cedral)

When my neighbor came to visit me and to say “hello”, he told me that he had already won his battle with Weex signal problems. I was impressed :) The solution to boost cell phone signal strength was found so quickly. My neighbor showed me MyAmplifiers site and I understood that, yes, just in a couple of days my life without mobile communication would come to an end. It sounded great!

Following his recommendations, I contacted MyAmplifiers customer support team and together with the manager made my choice. I ordered LCD-250C+3G+4G. I liked its price, coverage and capacities. This signal booster is able to boost cell phone signal strength of Weex GSM, 3G and 4G connection. Something unbelievable!

Thank you, MyAmplifiers team! You are really amazing! It took less than a week for my booster to arrive at my door. I installed it just immediately and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that my mobile phone began showing the strongest signal. Thank you once again, guys, for your high quality services and devices! I wish you good luck and hope that your business will be thriving!

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My café situated in the basement used to have Three signal problems before we installed Three home signal booster.

The installation of the amplifier took only 20 minutes and the working process is very simple but effective. As soon as you plug it into a power supply the repeater starts to boost the signal. A few weeks were enough to feel the difference regarding my business. Now I know that my success is under secure protection.

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Avea mobile phones signal booster to get rid of signal issues

No more missed calls and poor hearing, no more missing important updates and no more inabilities to send or receive my work! I am very grateful to MyAmplifiers team for helping me out with it and to my colleague for recommending their store!

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My data speeds were terrible
My data speeds were terrible

Ian McBain (Desingy, France)

Thick walls and the remote area made our cell phone signal almost absent. But we extremely needed 4G connection inside the house. And the best solution we found was a 4g repeater. Look how we've installed the device and what results we've got.

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Now we don’t have any Claro or Digicel or Movistar signal problems in communication with our clients!

Excellent mobile signal booster for the entire company! I have never thought before that it could happen but when our company moved to a new office located in one of the business centers in Panama City we all began noticing that we had significant mobile signal problems. We use services of different mobile operators, but we all felt that something was wrong with our mobile signals.

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