Viva signal problems are no longer my reality!
Viva signal problems are no longer my reality!

Viva signal problems are no longer my reality!

Ahmed Sarraf (Kuwait, Al Jahra)

When I understood that Viva mobile offers 4G network signal in my district I was very surprised, as when I tried to use mobile internet at home, my smartphone was able to catch only rather weak 3G signal. Yes, it was a real surprise for me. But I use mobile internet rather actively, moreover, my wife also needs high speedy mobile internet access at home. Due to Viva 4G poor coverage, we couldn’t surf the internet, we couldn’t send files and post photos. Moreover, we wanted to watch videos on our mobile devices but Viva signal issues didn’t give us such an opportunity. We were really disappointed.

But everything changed when we found out that there is such a company as MyAmplifiers that offers mobile signal boosters – special devices that are able to make us forget about Viva poor signal. We carefully studied the web site and the catalogue and understood that different models of these devices can help you overcome different Viva mobile signal problems. For example, our choice was LCD-150D that has coverage of 150 m2 and is able to boost Viva 4G signal. It is a perfect variant for us as we do not live in a big house and we really need to improve the situation with our mobile internet.

We have 100+ models. Find yours.

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4. ... and get results

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It was difficult to find how to boost phone signal Telkomsel, but we did it!

Of course, lack of mobile internet at home was very irritating for me, as I need to stay online 24/7. It is normal nowadays. But due to Telkomsel poor signal I didn’t have an opportunity to stay in touch with my friends. Of course, I could call them or send SMS. But who does this today? Mobile online apps are much more convenient for communication for young people.

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Fantastic phone reception booster for Meo signal problems!

I was looking for a signal booster specifically for a large parking lot. We all know this situation, when you park your car, get out and then receive a couple of message that say that you have missed calls. That is simple unacceptable in the 21st century. Meo poor coverage is, certainly, not the issue. It is about the material from which the walls of the parking are made and so on.

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Virgin Mobile signal problems have finally stopped irritating me!

I am writing to express my deep gratitude to MyAmplifiers team. These guys have really helped me! It seems to me that their customer support managers know absolutely everything about these devices! I had dozens of questions and I was really afraid to make an order online (as it was my first online purchase), but very polite specialists gave me very useful recommendations and now I can say without any doubts that MyAmplifiers is a wonderful company!

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Due to Lebara signal problems our router was not working properly. So I ordered WiFi signal booster for house

MA-2500WF can significantly improve the power of your WiFi router, I can say it based on my own experience. When we lived in our old house, we bought Lebara 4G router. And we really enjoyed it. It was very convenient to use Lebara 4G connection on our laptops. Moreover, quite often I work from home, so I think you can imagine how it is important for me to have excellent internet access.

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