Great car booster for Umniah signal problems with 3G connection.

Great car booster for Umniah signal problems with 3G connection.

Hassan Ensour (Jordan, As-Salt)

Today I would like to share my experience in using 3G car booster Nikrans NS-3G-A. I have bought this repeater because I have to travel a lot on business around the country and I need to stay tuned all the time. Unfortunately, in Jordan the quality of Umniah signal isn’t very good in certain regions. So from time to time I found myself in places with Umniah poor reception. As a rule, making and receiving calls in such areas is possible whereas 3G internet connection is very weak or sometimes even it isn’t available at all. In general, I use 3G connection for video calls. Sometimes when I have to wait in the car I switch on my mobile TV. It’s easy to guess that with Umniah poor coverage in certain regions of the country these services are not accessible. But fortunately due to Nikrans NS-3G-A car booster I managed to do away with Umniah signal problems when I am on the go.

The device is designed for solving signal troubles in all kinds of vehicles at a standard working frequency of 2100 MHz used for data transmission via 3G technology. The model improves 3G mobile Internet so now I enjoy excellent Internet connection wherever I go. That’s great that you don’t attach any cables to your mobile phone as the amplifier has a wireless principle of work.

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