Perfect solution for small cottages with T-mobile signal problems.

Perfect solution for small cottages with T-mobile signal problems.

Daan Legtenbarg (Netherlands, Maarsbergen)

I’ve never actually thought that my internet speed is bad and I have T-mobile signal issues, until I got a new job and I had to work from home. It required much more internet usage and sometimes making calls, and that’s when I found out that my house is located in the T-mobile poor coverage zone and I can’t do much about it. I asked friends for advice, and one of them recommended MyAmplifiers to me, because she already dealt with T-mobile poor signal before, and it worked out really well. I decided to try this out, since I really liked my new job and wanted to do it well, so I bought the LCD-300 GD model on their website. And it really changed the game!

I forgot about T-mobile signal problems the very next second after I turned the booster on. The signal went up for at least two bars in every corner of my house and has never let me down ever since. Even in places where I had really poor coverage, I now have a good stable signal, I can receive calls in any room of my house and they won’t drop or interrupt, there is no interference or any uncomfortable noise. The booster itself is small and looks nice, the outer antenna is easy to place and the wires don’t look too long and ugly.

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