This best mobile cell phone booster saved us from T-Mobile signal problems!

This best mobile cell phone booster saved us from T-Mobile signal problems!

Edward Devis (Puerto Rico, )

I live in Puerto Rico. My family bought a two-storey concrete house with a metal roof, so it is easy to imagine T-Mobile poor coverage with all the attendant signal problems. I got 1 or 2 bars inside the house, with constant missed and interrupted calls, slow Internet connection, even though the signal quality outside is just fine. For the last time I've been working from home. T-Mobile signal problems made my life complicated. This has led me to try all variants to boost my mobile signal, and I'm often forced to take work calls outside the house since it's the only place where my cell phone works.

Last month at Myamplifiers I discovered the best mobile cell phone booster NS-5000-Voice, 3G & 4G PRO and decided to try the signal repeater. It meets all the requirements; it boosts GSM, 3G and 4G signals at the same time. It covers up to 5000 ft², which is perfect for a spacious house.

I was pleased with convenient and quick delivery. The signal booster for home is easy in use and installation. Installed in less than 15 minutes. This is really an amazing product! Since installing this device in my house, I have no problems with mobile phone service in the house at all. Now I have consistent 4 - 5 bars at home. The best mobile cell phone booster managed to improve T-Mobile poor signal.

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The model has a number of important features, such as shut-off function which prevents the device from errors and incorrect work, automatic and manual gain control which can be used upon your choice in order to manage the strength of the incoming signal. For avoiding network interference, the repeater is equipped with an automatic level control function to keep control of output signal. I think that this device is a great solution to any kind of mobile signal problems.

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