My business stopped suffering from mobile signal problems thanks to booster for mobile phone reception!

My business stopped suffering from mobile signal problems thanks to booster for mobile phone reception!

Omar Bandar (Kuwait, Sulaibiya)

I have had signal problems for quite a while in my office. It was a great big deal for every single person who works for me, as our job is about making multiple business calls. Moreover, there were even areas where the poor coverage was so intense, that the operators (VIVA, Zain, Ooredoo) simply did not work. For example, our office kitchen. The poor signal became a really big issue. As we were a new growing business it just felt like we have to sort out the other problems first. But eliminated signal issues made dealing with all the other problems so much easier! That is why I highly recommend thinking about great connection first.

When it comes to MyAmplifiers – I can’t say one single bad word about the guys. The booster for mobile phone reception certainly came brand new with all the necessary instructions. The package with a booster for mobile phone reception included everything that was mentioned on the website. The international safety certificates where a really pleasant bonus for me, as I, certainly, worry about the safety of all my workers. I also got a 3-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee that lets me exchange or send back the booster, in case there is something that I don’t like.

But the truth is that I have been using the signal booster for months already. It does the job perfectly well, I highly recommend this company to all of my friends!

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