Exasperated with no O2 signal? Think of a booster!

Exasperated with no O2 signal? Think of a booster!

Dominik Weisskeit (Germany, Berlin)

Although O2 mobile coverage is quite satisfactory in Germany, especially in large cities as Berlin, the location of my shop made it impossible for the signal to reach the recipients. So the trouble was no O2 signal. And I knew that the key solution to it was the installation of a signal repeater. My friend advised me to try mobile signal booster Nikrans NS500 GD. So my choice was determined. I had ordered in at MyAmlifiers and just a few days later I was already enjoying a perfect level of O2 reception. This repeater is suitable for improving O2 poor coverage in buildings with indoor coverage to 500 m2 (5400ft2) which is enough for my shop.

In Germany O2 uses 1800MHz frequency for 4G, but the device is capable of boosting any signal on two frequency bands of 900MHz and 1800MHz simultaneously, which is undoubtedly a great plus. I forgot about having no O2 signal, receiving and making GSM calls became free of troubles as well as using internet connection. I would also like to mention that the device has the option of Automatic Level Control and both Automatic Gain Control and Manual Gain Control, so you are free to choose. The full kit includes all the necessary accessories and a manual. In my opinion, these GSM 4G signal boosters are the best thing when you want to get rid of O2 signal issues.

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