Monaco Telecom signal problems were a frequent guest on my yacht.

Monaco Telecom signal problems were a frequent guest on my yacht.

Bruno Leccia (Monaco, Monte-Carlo)

I am an owner of a large two-level yacht in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. My yacht is very popular among tourists and I have always been concerned about the quality of services provided on it. First of all, my customers want to be in touch with their relatives and colleagues regardless of their location. This means that any kind of Monaco Telecom signal problems can ruin my reputation of a customer oriented person. Actually Monaco Telecom poor reception isn’t a rare thing to come across when you sail too far away from the land. So in order to preserve my business image and to ensure public safety on my yacht I have decided to install a marine cell phone signal booster. In fact, this device is very popular in the area because of Monaco Telecom poor coverage in certain places.

I visited MyAmplifiers and found a wide range of marine amplifier models designed for boosting Monaco Telecom poor signal on boats and yachts. NS-GDW-Boats-L was the one that I liked the most. This triband marine repeater is both for improving GSM calls and mobile internet on the area up to 3000 m2. It supports three frequency bands at a time – GSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and 3G 2100MHz, which is undoubtedly a great advantage as it easily solves not only Monaco Telecom signal issues but also enhances reception for other providers.

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Top-notch device against Maxis signal problems.

Adam Rayyan (Malaysia, Borneo Island)

I live on Borneo Island in Malaysia. Everyone knows it as a paradise for tourists and the best place to relax from the noisy city life. This island is wonderful, perhaps the only problem is that mobile coverage is far from perfect here. I have a large villa which is really very popular with tourists. So quite often I had to deal with complaints about Maxis poor coverage.

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We live in a small town in Slovenia and before we found MyAmplifiers web site we thought that we would suffer from Telemach poor coverage at home forever. Nevertheless, now the situation has changed. And we can use high-quality mobile voice services and high speedy mobile internet. We are very grateful to the whole MyAmplifiers team. I have never thought that there are any online sellers who can offer such a high level of services.

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