A must have if you spend most of your day driving and have BT signal problems

A must have if you spend most of your day driving and have BT signal problems

Matthew Clarke (United Kingdom, Hawick)

I spend a lot of time driving as I supervise several construction sites at remote locations and thus practically don’t stay in the office. Consequently I have to be constantly reachable by phone and able to read important emails or have a quick access to the database. That is not always the case due to the BT signal problems which are linked for sure to the fact of driving and also to that point that these construction sites as I’ve mentioned are often located in the zones with much less developed infrastructure.

So I started searching for some adequate and effective solution to my problem and landed on the page of MyAmplifiers with their range of mobile signal boosters for car. I installed it very quickly and may say that it is of great help for my BT poor coverage. BT bad signal got amplified straight away after switching it on. I’ve joined some photos to show how it is fixed in my car. So I can surely recommend it to anyone with the same BT signal issues or with signal problems of any other provider.

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